A Top Entertaining Music Launched In Korea To Entertain The World

South Korea – 31st July, 2017 – SHIN, a music artist from South Korea is thrilled to announce the release of his first single titled “Homecoming”. The single according to the producer is the first from his record label and has since been everywhere over all the digital music platforms, especially on YouTube, Twitter and iTunes since July 21, 2017.

SHIN decided to take on the whole world with his musical talent and to showcase what he has to offer after being inspired by the J-rock artist “Hide With Spread Beaver”. He skillfully blended a sweet melody of the keyboard with a number of Hard J-rock to produce a seamless flow of music that reaches out to the heart. The music has gathered a substantial number of views in less than four days of release. The producer is determined to do something more solid in the music industry. He plans to invest in more equipment to ensure smooth production and running of his music industry as he craves to bring maximum entertainment to the doorstep of his fans in Korea and the world at large.

Homecoming has a wealth of musical styles with a concise, smooth and expressive voice that gives the single a distinct quality in Korean music industry. The lyrics range from thoughtful to poetic and this showcase the producer’s ability to mix English language with Korean culture. According to the producer, “the successful release of the music is credited to his passion for music as it is the force that led him to finish the project”.

The pitch, rhythm and the dynamism of the song are perfectly mixed with high sonic qualities of timbre and texture to produce a world class instrumental prowess. The song is highly recommended for all individuals from all ages and backgrounds. The single is available online on every digital musical platform.

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