Lovemycourse Launched For People Who Love To Learn

Lovemycourse, the perfect site for people who love taking classes, or who have always wanted to but never tried, has been launched today. With over 22,000 courses available, the site makes booking a course as easy as buying a book online. You can search for courses near where you live, courses that cost £10 or over £300, courses that start next week, this month or next month, courses that run over a weekend or take place in the evening. There is something in lovemycourse for everyone.

From the sensible, sewing in Sussex , to the sexy, nude life drawing hen nights in London the site shows what an amazing choice of courses there are in the UK today. For those not sure what to do you can wish list a course, for example curry making in Haslemere, and share it with your Facebook friends and get their opinion, or encourage them to come along too. Maybe users want to be inspired, all they need to do is enter their postcode on any of the 12 most popular and original subject areas and see what is near them – including birds of prey photography in Merseyside, tempting tapas in Durham, or learn how to give a warm bamboo massage in Belfast.

For the career minded or those that are thinking of changing tack there is plenty for them too. For techies there are nearly 2000 computer software courses from beginners photoshop in Lichfield, and for the more serious egg heads there is engineering a citrix visualisation solution in London (although we have no idea what this means…). And it’s not only IT for those thinking about their careers – there are courses in beauty training, or hairdressing, or marketing.

For those worried about over indulging at Christmas there a thousands of get in shape courses starting in the new year, such as pilates or Zumba in Putney or bootcamp in Bristol.
For people dreaming of their next summer holidays now could be the time to brush up on their language skills – with hundreds of Spanish courses – even via skype or online for those too busy to attend a class, or specifically for holidays try holiday Italian in St Ives. For more exotic globe trotters there is Mandarin, Japanese or for the more academically minded the Biblical languages of classical Hebrew, Aramaic and Vulgate Latin.

“You only have to browse through the site to find a genuinely mouth watering range of courses and classes. It’s really inspiring to see what people are offering to teach,” said Mark O’Donoghue, founder of lovemycourse. “Doing something new and challenging, whether for fun or career reasons is great for personal motivation and a also a good way to meet new people – as we approach the new year, now is the perfect time to think about what to do.”

Lovemycourse is already the biggest site in terms of courses you can book online. However, it is growing all the time as anyone that teaches a course whether from home, the local village hall, above a pub, online or as one of the UK colleges or universities can list their courses for free on the site by going to add your classes.

Every month hundreds of new courses are being added day so if you teach anything get in touch.

Contact :
Yanxia Han
0207 384 6000