Bear Tarot Lists The Top Four Sites For Free Tarot Reading

Bear Tarot rated the top four not only for their no-obligation free tarot reading but also for the accuracy of their psychics, psychic readings and psychic chats.

After weeks of comparing hundreds of free tarot offerings online, Bear Tarot investigators have decided on the top four services. The top four psychic networks all offer some form of psychic service free of charge with no strings attached. Bear Tarot believes that the top-four list will save others from the gimmicks and conditional services attached to many psychic sites online.

Psychic readings are generally exciting and insightful when a true psychic reveals information about one’s future or provide helpful advice to help resolve a burning issue. These readings are more popular than ever before, and, unfortunately, a large number of people set up sites claiming to be “clairvoyant” when they’re not.

The multitude of genuine and fake psychics online makes it increasing difficult to choose. The promise of a free tarot card reading further complicates the issue as users sometimes have to provide their financial information or a long list of personal details in exchange for a free reading. Many customers later complain of unsolicited charges to their credit cards or incessant spam after giving up their information.

Bear Tarot solves these issues with the published list of the best tarot card readings. The list includes reputable psychics such as Oranum, Hollywood Psychics, PsychicSource and Kasamba. Oranum tops the list for the no-obligation free tarot reading and psychic chat. The site represents a network of authentic psychics that offer an unlimited number of free readings.

Jesse James learned of Oranum through Bear Tarot’s top-four list, “With so many scammers online, I needed help to find an authentic psychic, and Bear Tarot pointed me to Oranum. I agree that the service is top-rated. They gave me an informative free reading with no strings attached. When I decided to upgrade to a full reading, they handled the transaction like professionals. I like that the psychics have their specialties, so I could choose a service based on my needs. Thanks Bear Tarot for connecting me to such a great service.”

Bear Tarot’s investigators know what to look for in a psychic, so it was easy for them to spot genuine services and rule out the scams. Now, users can check the reviews of the top four services and get the free tarot reading they deserve.

Leonna Bear is originally a native of South Carolina but moved to New York when she was 16 and her family relocated.  She has moved around from Brooklyn to Queens and now back to Brooklyn, where she now owns and operates Bear Tarot.

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