Jack Mize Talks With Frank Kern and Goes Inside The Mind of A Direct Response Marketing Innovator

Frank Kern, one of the pioneers of direct response marketing on the internet was the featured guest on Influencers Radio show with Jack Mize discussing common misconceptions about marketing and the simple solution to avoid those mistakes.

Frank Kern, a highly successful marketer, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio with Jack Mize. Kern and Mize discussed the journey Kern’s life took which led him from humble, unsuccessful beginnings to being one of the most successful marketers there are today.

Already considered a leader in direct response marketing online, Kern caught the attention of the marketing world when he produced his first State of the Internet address, which resulted in acquiring the title of President of the Internet. Although both the address and the title were tongue-in-cheek, the strategy behind it demonstrated how educational marketing could produce impressive sales results when done strategically.

According to Kern, “The State of the Internet was purposeful from the standpoint it was designed to create goodwill. I believe that the amount of income you’re going to generate in any market is directly proportional, among other things, to the amount of goodwill that you have in that marketplace. And it’s all based on the principle of providing results in advance.”

Kern has religiously followed this personal philosophy and, as a result, has grown a loyal base of followers who enjoy learning the new marketing strategies he continues to share.

In the interview, Kern shared an early example of how he helped market a program in the dating niche, helping men who struggled with how to meet girls and get dates. The strategy was to provide free information on how to approach a woman without being rejected. Positive results from following this advice would encourage the men to come back for more dating advice. Continued positive results from more free information would eventually lead to an offer of a more extensive program, which the men happily bought, based on those results.

Kern points out that this strategy works for any service or product that someone wants to offer.

He goes on to clear up misconceptions that people in the marketing industry have. Many have a tendency to focus on the product or service, or on the marketing strategies they’re using.

He states, “It is never about the thing, the thing you’re selling. Obviously, that thing should be excellent. And it’s not about the marketing. The most important thing is the market, the people that the thing is going to be sold to. There must be an existing market of people who are intensely interested in getting the results that the thing promises, and that the thing must deliver. So without the focus on that first, all is lost. In our world, we look for a market first. We look for that hungry crowd. And then we find the perfect product for them.”

The interview includes a lot of information which can be very useful to both new and veteran marketers who are trying to improve what they’re doing. Kern has justifiably earned the many accolades that others give him.

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