Taxpayers Save Money With Innovative Tax Site That Provides On-Demand Tax Expertise 24/7

TaxConnections provides tax professionals a robust platform to showcase tax expertise, provide tax education on-demand in order to help taxpayers reduce taxes and save more money.

Capitalizing on the growing eLearning concept, TaxConnections provides the very first online tax education site for taxpayers who demand tax expertise 24/7, 365 days a year. Interactive and engaging, TaxConnections gives taxpayers an opportunity to learn leading tax savings strategies from tax experts while learning at their own pace and comprehension level. Taxpayers no longer need to leave the office of their CPA, Enrolled Agent or Tax Lawyer and walk away wondering if they absorbed all the valuable tax savings information a tax advisor provided during a meeting. TaxConnections allows anyone to access a wide range of tax expertise available on the site, such as recorded audio or video and play it back as often as they desire.

“Empowering tax professionals to educate their clients via tax video education is priceless,” says Kat Jennings, Founder and CEO of TaxConnections. “Today’s taxpayer needs to have more knowledge available to them that teaches them how to reduce their tax burden with smart tax strategies. By having access to this information, taxpayers are assured to reduce their tax burden. Taxpayers using TaxConnections gain real tax strategies from the same tax experts who often train tax professionals. TaxConnections has taken tax education and training from the tax professional community directly to the taxpayer. This is a major milestone in the delivery of tax education and expertise to tax professionals and taxpayers.”

More than an eLearning platform, TaxConnections offers a number of incentives for tax professionals. With membership spanning over 75 countries, the site boasts unprecedented growth in usage. Tax professional members can leverage the robust, on-line promotional platform that increases a tax professional’s reach and focuses on improving their client base. A proponent of change in the way tax expertise is delivered, TaxConnections satisfies a growing need for both taxpayers and tax professionals in acquiring up-to-date tax information and tax expertise.

Jennings explains, “It was previously challenging to find qualified tax professionals with a wide range of tax expertise to help taxpayers but an extraordinary shift has occurred with TaxConnections innovative tax connected highway.” In lieu of combing through cluttered search engine results to find qualified tax professionals, taxpayers now benefit from better choices in just one click.

Tax professionals can now incorporate the eLearning platform into their marketing strategy as an incentive for clients to learn more about their tax expertise through on-demand, live webinar and self-study formats.

“TaxConnections is a collaborative effort in creating educated customers,” says Jennings. “ Tax eLearning is the present and future.”

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