Helo Device: Monitor you vital signs on the Go

Mosquito Shielding Function to be included soon

Have you ever seen a device that is ready to monitor your vital signs at every instant? Do you get inconvenienced sometimes when about to check your Blood pressure or other vital body biomedical checks? Well, Wor(l)d has been thinking of helping you out.

The Helo device

This device will help you to monitor your vital signs and that of your loved ones no matter how far they are. It is a life sensing, wearable technology that provides the convenience that no one else can provide. It functions includes; step counter, calories, distance covered, sleep quality, ECG/EKG, Blood pressure. The ECG/EKG function is especially needed by the Congestive heart patient and patients who are hypertensive. The function of the Helo device will obliterate the problem of cardiac arrest because you will constantly aware of your heart signs and the necessary precautions will be taken to avoid uncertainties.

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The Helo device is sleek and portable. Whether you’re looking for a quick heart check, or wanting to monitor your blood pressure, heart rate, breath rate, or even mood, the helo device can track and deliver it all.

This is not all; an updated version of the Helo device will be more exciting as more functions such as BLOOD GLUCOSE, ALCOHOL LEVEL AND THE MOSQUITO SHIELD will be added to its functions.

About Wor(l)d

At Wor(l)d  we are poised at creating technologies that can positively affect our lives. We have several products that can help you do virtually everything with more ease.  Welcome to a piece of technology  that has the power to change your life; quite literally. The Helo allows you to monitor your vital signs all day and all week. It is fully equipped with the most advanced and accurate sensors that is available to man.

We endeavor to deliver the products bought for us in a very safe and reliable manner. Our customer’s privacies are respected so well and we are poised to ensure that their satisfaction is gotten. We carry out series of inspection to ensure that our products are rightly packaged and sealed for adequate privacy.

Some of our other products include:

Biozen Bundle30+8 the only sticker chip that protects your body from electro-smog. Thirty chips (plus eight FREE) for business use. This sticker helps to improve your safety when operating your mobile devices. Biozen Bundle10+2 the only sticker chip that protects your body from electro-smog. Ten chips (plus two FREE) for family use. Helo LX Premium Bundle: Get the best for your business with 6 Helo LXs, 6 Germanium Kits, and 6 Bands Kits in a practical and convenient bundle. In addition, receive 6 more BioZen Sticker Chips (PROMO).

The Helo device is a product that every family will benefit from. It is priceless to every household.

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