Award-Winning Legal Expert Smoothes Out The Rocky Road To Retirement

Financial expert Christopher Berry helps his clients have the retirement of their dreams through his holistic wealth, estate and tax planning service.
The CJ Berry Group is a holistic wealth, estate and tax planning service that is committed to showing clients a safe and easy path to a secure retirement. Founder Christopher J. Berry, JD is excited to announce his company’s recent Bucket Plan Advisor certification and hopes to bring the knowledge and experience to all his clients so that they can have the retirement of their dreams.

By Zoey Thompson

Detroit, MI – Planning for a comfortable retirement can be a difficult process in today’s uncertain financial world. Making educated choices when it comes to long-term care while protecting financial assets is often a regulatory and tax minefield. As an attorney, Christopher J. Berry understands just how rigorous some of the legal hurdles can be for families, and knows firsthand how even the most agile of investors can be tripped up. His goals for clients have always been to safeguard what they currently have and responsibly grow the type of wealth that will put them into a comfortable retirement.  Berry’s belief in a more holistic approach to financial planning led him to take the steps necessary to achieve his certification in the Prosperity Capital Advisors’ Bucket Plan program. The company developed a “three bucket” integrated approach to financial management that Berry believes is one of the safest and easiest ways to grow retirement wealth.

“Many financial advisors begin with a business degree,” explains Berry. “I think the fact that I am an attorney gives me a different, sometimes more cautious perspective to financial planning.  I knew that the first thing I wanted to achieve for my clients was the protection of what they already had so that I could then explore how to make the most of those assets and resources to build a better future. My integrated approach fit well into the holism of The Bucket Plan® methodology.”

The  CJ Berry Group’s team use The Bucket Plan Philosophy to spread out retirement savings. The plan was designed to withstand market shocks and protect wealth. In a traditional savings model, a retiree may have a small amount of money in their bank and a much larger amount set aside for retirement, but the problem with this model is that it only works well if markets trend upwards. By using three “buckets”, and having enough money for now, soon, and later, instead of just now and later, The Bucket Plan® can help navigate troubling financial waters, and keep ahead of inflation, instead of being overrun by it. The team wants to help every client form their plan, leaving less to chance, and more to themselves.

Christopher J. Berry and his team are dedicated to their clients’ future. “As an attorney who is also a financial planner, I owe a duty to my clients to always work in their best interest. That is why we develop an individualized, integrated plan to meet all of their wealth, estate and tax planning needs.”

Christopher J. Berry has been involved in legal and financial planning since 1998. In 2005, he started The Elder Care Firm, a leading estate and elder law firm, now considered a “model firm” which  attracted attorneys from across the United States to hire Chris as a consultant. He now teaches and coaches other attorneys to better help their clients and is an adjunct professor at Western Michigan Cooley Law School. He has been given top honors from such organizations as the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, Nation’s Top 1% of Attorneys, Distinguished Legal Counsel, Avvo and more.

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