Goldrabbit, Development of Lego-style Maunzi robot kit

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Goldrabbit Co., Ltd ( CEO Jungsub Yang, ) a robot development specialized company, developed a Lego-style Maunzi robot kit. Goldrabbit is a technology-intensive Korean start-up business consisting of hardware and software developers and has researched and developed Maunzi robot kit for the last 4 years.

Maunzi robot kit is a module-assembly type toy robot, using a combination system of Lego building blocks, and it can be used for various purposes. In fact, Maunzi robot kit is 100% compatible with Lego building blocks; the availability of the kit is extensive, including creativity education, understanding and games regarding robots using various modules, remote control using Bluetooth communication and mobiles, robot control using diverse sensors, cannon game using cannon modules, augmented reality game using mobile, smart pads, and Maunzi characters, etc.

The officials of Goldrabbit said that the utilization of an easy assembly of blocks can naturally help with the understanding of coding education and kinematics, and with the purpose of developing tools for effective reuse of Lego blocks in mind, Maunzi robot kit was developed.

This toy robotics kit can be used by anyone over 6 years old. The specific uses and targets of this robotics kit are children’s coding educational tools, consumers who had difficulties using existing Lego robot products, and consumers who preferIoT game products compatible with mobile.

In addition, the biggest difference between this robotics kit with the existing Mindstorm and Boost Lego products is that the assembly method is very simple and there are no wires. Moreover, if the existing Lego’s robot products were difficult and complicated to use, the method of use of Maunzi robot kit, including the assembly manner, instructional method, and even the control method, is profoundly easy and intuitive.

Besides, one can effectively reuse the neglected Lego building blocks by combining with our Maunzi modules. A user can make new characters as one wishes, without even having to purchase new Lego series products, and can realize whatever motion the user wants.

In the case of Lego products, due to the psychological factor of not wanting to reassemble after assembling them once, a person continuously has to purchase new series products, which is accompanied by cost issues. In the case of Maunzi robot kit, on the other hand, whenever the hardware is upgraded in the future, a user can purchase necessary modules separately and significantly reduce the cost.

Maunzi robot kit consists of atotal of 4 types, including Maunzi Classic, Dynamic Wheeler Kit, Burning Cannon Kit, and Full Performance Kit. Consumers can purchase and use the product starting at $129, and all compatible software is available for free.

Maunzi robot kit will be available to consumers for the first time through Kickstarter crowd funding for a month from August 30, 2017. The official launch date is February 2018, and you can get some gifts and discount information by participating in an event at before the Kickstarter launch.

The officials of Goldrabbit said, “The objective is to develop much more familiar, scientific, and convenient tools by combining hardware and software” and that “We are planning to provide consumers with a variety of robotics products that incorporate user interface (UI) that is familiar to the future users.”

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