Dissertation of the Year awarded to Dr. Maureen Orey, CPLP – Founder/President, WLP Group

San Diego, CA – August 15, 2017 – International Speaker, facilitator & executive coach Dr. Maureen Orey was Awarded the Dissertation of the Year by the Association for Talent Development, an international association for professionals working to develop the talent and effectiveness for organizations worldwide.

Dr. Orey identified what she called a “direct line of sight” of an upward trajectory based on volunteering as a leader on Boards of Directors & Professional Organizations throughout her career.  It was more than a hunch that led her to believe the two were interrelated.

There is a general belief that volunteerism at an executive level gains a positive return on investment, but no one had done the research to quantify the benefit.  Tasked with putting pen to paper, Dr. Orey penned her dissertation while still running her San Diego based management consulting & training firm the Workplace Learning & Performance Group. (Note to Maresa & Lily: “Group” is actually part of the business name)  With clients that include Fortune 50 & 500 companies such as Boeing, Sony & Rolls Royce – this was no easy task.

“I knew career opportunities had opened for me.  I knew that I personally benefited.  I needed to understand if my experience was unique. This research gave me the opportunity and platform to create & craft a dialogue that has been worth having”, stated Dr. Orey.

With companies encouraging staff and teams to volunteer and help champion their causes, it’s no surprise that Dr. Orey’s research hits at a perfect time within the employee and engagement culture.  Many companies & corporations are discovering at every size that a company’s corporate social responsibility program can be their calling card.  They are often judged not just by the service they provide – but by how and where their executive teams and staff invest in the communities they call home.

Mother of three children, author of four books, and recognized as Outstanding instructor of the year by San Diego State University, it should come as no surprise that Dr. Orey’s dissertation is in alignment with her teaching methods of resiliency.  Her simple motto that “even a duck can drown”- resonates across regional and national teams, providing a framework to help them stay afloat.  Coming up next for her is the opportunity to bring the work she does developing leaders around the world here to San Diego as she launches a New Leader Boot Camp in the Fall of 2017.

Founded in 2009, the Workplace Learning & Performance Group develops individuals & organizations to improve their performance so they can achieve their desired results. Major local customers of the Workplace Learning & Performance Group include The City of San Diego, Scripps Healthcare, Sharp Hospital & The Zoological Society.  They have offices in San Diego, CA and over 15 partners worldwide and are a leader in the employee training & development market.

More information about them can be found at: www.wlpgroup.com

For additional information contact: Lily Weinstein, 424-284-8916

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