The First ‘Omega Zodiac’ Fest with a Month of Rewards

The Anniversary Update for Omega Zodiac was launched on August 8th, the celebration saw players from all servers playing together and competing for rewards. There’s also tons of new events and giveaway codes.

The First ‘Omega Zodiac’ Fest with a Month of Rewards

The anniversary event includes the Omega Zodiac Facebook Community, where players will see exclusive events throughout the month of August. Some updates will be revealed along with the unfolding of events.

New Map

One brand new map: the Romantic Beach has been added to the game. Players can snatch a little leisure and enjoy all the beach entertainment. The map also provides the best chance of making more friends during an amazing beach trip.

Free Giveaway Codes

The in game giveaways are also pretty great. This time Omega Zodiac will release all the giveaway codes in a funny event published exclusively on the Facebook Omega Zodiac Community. Players can get exclusive giveaway codes worth 5USD to exchange in the game.

We saw unending support from all players, some of them even started on the first day of launch and are still with us today:

‘I was very excited to see my first Sacred Set seeing it took a long hard battle to get it, then the ability blew my mind with the screen display I still use my first Sacred set just because it was that exciting to see what it did,’ said ‘Blackrat’ from Server16

‘It was cool when I got my first Sacred Set and special effects – I have now moved from member to Honorable and help run a guild – now helping and teaching others to play and have fun as I am – as a team and work together everything I get spare go to lower BR players to help them grow,’ said ‘empress raucous’ from Server16.

Some new players also expressed their sincere thoughts over playing Omega Zodiac.

‘I play Omega Zodiac only for 1 month and half but I love this game. I find it well done and it evolves quite regularly for our pleasure. I especially like the game in Guild and events (even if it’s late I’m in France),’ said ‘Darrenh’ from Server76.

Key Features

  1. Exciting PVP and PVE Arenas  
  2. Nine combo skills for each character, each effective against different types of enemies
  3. Beautiful Sacred Sets that combine 2D and 3D artwork
  4. 15 Constellations, 5 for each character, each with its own set of skills
  5. Challenge specialized Sacred Set Dungeons to get the most advanced items
  6. Social features including Guilds and Guild Battles
  7. You get different kinds of bosses and also hostile Gold Fighters to eliminate, which demands your personal strategy for each new enemy.

Join Omega Zodiac First Anniversary Celebration, amazing rewards and brand new items are waiting for you!

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