Melisa Mel Teaches Readers to Embrace and Love Themselves

It is the true story of Mel, a person who struggles through life with gender dysphoria, who eventually finds peace within herself. Melisa Mel bares her heart and uncovers her personal experiences in this book, A Simple Love Story Between Me and Myself, republished by Toplink Publishing/Marketing Firm. 

Melisa Mel chronicles her early childhood confusions and how she faced unwanted decisions that were made for her by others.  For instance, being enrolled in ballet classes while all she wanted was to take karate lessons or having to wear dresses with bows when all she wanted was to wear pant suits. 

The story gives hope to those who are struggling within themselves while simultaneously bringing insight to those who do not understand how difficult this personal struggle can be. It took Melisa Mel years to come to terms with being a woman while all the time feeling she should have been a man.

One of Melisa Mels favorite quotes is Be who you be. Her brother, Keith Gabriel, said this to her many years ago and the words have come to mean a lot to her. She uses this quote in various of her books.

Melisa states, There is ample room for everyone and everything on this lovely planet we all share. How we share the space is up to each and every one of us. There is no reason we cannot make it work peacefully if we choose to do so. 

A Simple Love Story Between Me and Myselfdoes not only offer comfort to the readers who struggle to understand themselves. It educates people who do not quite understand the concept of one being transgender.  Melisa Mel aims to bridge the gap that exists in our society between those who get it and those who do not get it.  Everyone should be able to live with respect and dignity. Everyone should be able to be who they be.

Melisa Mel

A Simple Love Story Between Me and Myself

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About the Author 

Melisa Mel, also known as Cargo Pants, is an award-winning philanthropist, trainer, keynote speaker, educator, artist, and author of eight books. She is currently in the editing stages of her ninth book.  She has a strong background in Education and Social Work and is currently the CEO and President of From Victim to Survivor, LLC.  As such, all of her efforts are put towards working with and for vulnerable populations  including the LGBTQ community. If you would like more information, her company website is

During her years spearheading an LGBTQ club in the public-school system, Melisa Mel was the only educator that was publicly out in her area at the time. It was a small rural community and she had much push back from the community.  She held her head high and modeled for the youth in her groups and the community how one can face criticism with grace and dignity.  She taught the youth to believe in themselves.

In 2017, Melisa Mel was honored with the Beth McDonald Arizona Woman of the Year Award and the Triumph Over Tragedy Award from Arizona Governor Doug Ducey for her extensive work with Victimization and Vulnerable Populations.

Melisa Mel hopes this publication will reach and open many hearts which are otherwise closed off to the Transgender Community members.  Likewise, she hopes it brings inner peace to those who are struggling with their identity. Through this child-friendly, family-friendly, easy-to-read book, Melisa Mel advocates for equality, respect, and dignity among all. 

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