Janice McDermott Shares Steps to Achieve Ultimate Healing

A simple, step-by-step refined process for becoming your own therapist

An Amazon reviewer considers this book atthe top of transformation guides. A published author and dual masters-degree holder, Janice McDermott, M.Ed., LCSW, leads a proven  process for her readers to become their own therapist. With a functional internal dialogue and a spiritual presence of love, the reader resolves internal conflicts and heals early childhood wounds. 

Janice McDermottshares, HEALING MIND: Five Steps to Ultimate Healing, Four Rooms for Thoughts: Achieving Satisfaction through a Well Managed Mindwhich explains that by effectively merging psychological and theological concepts, it helps the religious and non-religious alike co-create with their inner child an atmosphere of responsible thinking, spiritual maturity, inner peace and profound love.  

Healing Mind clears a pathway through the heart, the portal to the soul. Put your mind at ease and your Soul will soar.” McDermott explains, “We create our best potential when we use our free will to organize our mind. We become empowered with skills to create a more beautiful and peaceful life, adding to the collective for world peace. 

This book allows readers to uncover their inner happiness and better versions of themselves. As she highlights, be fully alive and stand on your own feet. Its a transformation guide that elevates ones spiritual nourishment and unleashes their unique and full potentials. 

Janice concludes, Perfect God in me, perfect life in me which is God manifesting I Am, leads me ever down the path of perfection and causes me to see only that which is good. This is my thought that helps me adjust my perception of life’s events and keeps my heart open.” Since shes done it magnificently, everyone else can achieve the same.  Achieve ultimate healing.

Janice McDermott

HEALING MIND: Five Steps to Ultimate Healing, Four Rooms for Thoughts: Achieving Satisfaction through a Well Managed Mind

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Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 214 pages | ISBN 9781504337007

Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 214 pages | ISBN 9781504337014

E-Book | 214 pages | ISBN 9781504337021

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About the Author 

Janice McDermott, M.Ed., LCSW, received her two masters degrees from Louisiana State University and her Gestalt training from the Gestalt Institute of New Orleans. She is a certified master neurolinguistic practitioner and co-author of the classroom and counselors edition of Grand Ideas from Within, a language enhancing mindfulness program using prerecorded, daily creative imagery activities. More information found at www.janicemcdermottauthor.com

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