Tech4stress Inc Develops a Tool to Help Employees to become Zen Performers!

August 15th, 2017 Employees looking to manage their emotions during their business endeavors are set to benefit from the advice provided by the leading San Francisco, California consulting firm Tech4stress Inc. The firm has developed a tool for  “Zen Performers.

The tool according to Patrice Nko’o, the Managing director of Tech4stress Inc is a guide which employees can use to craft a path to a successful endeavor while managing their emotions with music, video, inspirational quotes and images. Patrice says he has developed the tool after a period of research where he has studied the principles which have been used by great personalities in the history.

Tech4stress model is based on a four steps :First, the employee should create a pyramid of goals, which should be at three levels: personal, corporate and societal.

Second, one should use the 99 Golden Rules of Leadership App, a tool supposed to help people tocustomize their goals. These rules are split into four categories: self discipline, innovation, strategy and team management; but eachemployee is supposed to customize these rules.

The third step of the Model involves answering the question why. By using of a story model to get through this, one ought to think beyond self to achieve its goals.

The last step in the model is articulated in the creation of agoals oriented action sheet; this is supposed to be guided by the customized rules, which an employee will used to create a successful path.

Besides, Tech4stress has developed three additional tools to help people to envision their life, to build valuable solutions, and to achieve their goals thanks to an improvement model tool.

According to Tech4stress, following a Zen Performer Plan will help employees to better manage their emotions while achieving their goals.

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