SET Global Announces Kickstarter Campaign For Numi Smart Travel Pack Project

SET Global, the company committed to promoting sustainability and the benefits of solar energy, has announced that their campaign on Kickstarter is live for their Numi Smart Pack project. Numi Smart Travel Pack comes with a host of features such as an integrated solar panel, USB ports, power bank and hidden zippers that allow users to organize their travel and packaging smartly.

“We are delighted to introduce the Numi Smart Travel Pack that comes with a host of features designed to deliver the ultimate comfort and security,” says the spokesperson for SET Global. It has been crafted for the modern traveler who has to carry a lot of electronic devices. We are glad to have finally succeeded in creating a device that can keep users fully charged, safe and organized while on journeys.”

Numi Smart Travel Pack is unique in many ways. It comes with 7W solar panel and two integrated USB 3.0 ports. It also has a detachable laptop and clothing sleeve allowing flexibility to pack only what is really needed. The travel pack also comes with a battery that allows users to charge their smartphones. The space inside is well organized for securely holding various things. The pockets are easily accessible while the hidden zippers provide good security.

The weather resistant and drop resistant storage pack also has a smart extra hoody and cover for adequate protection from rain. There are five hidden compartments that have been designed to tuck away things that are valuable and must remain away from usual gaze. The smart pack is available in two sizes – the smaller pack is of 20L and comes with an integrated solar panel and 11,000MAH battery pack while the normal pack is of 30L and includes 22,000 MAH battery pack. The power bank can be fully charged by using a fixed wall socket.

The Numi Smart Travel Pack is water repellent while the attached solar panel is water proof and scratch proof. The quality of the backpacks and the solar panel are unmatched and promise good performance as they have undergone numerous tests multiple times. SET Global has a reputation of working with reputed and established manufacturers only.

All the belongings of the user can easily fit in the pack and it provides easy access. The detachable compartments keep things well-organized. The camera compartment has been thoughtfully provided at the back of the pack for easy and quick access without having to open the main compartment of the backpack. The water bottle holder can hold bottles up to two liters and is easy to take out. There are many other highly valuable features with the back pack.

The Kickstarter campaign is aimed at raising €20,000 which will be used for product development and marketing. The deadline for the campaign is 2 September, 2017.

About Numi Smart Travel Pack:

Numi Smart Travel Pack is one of the best travel kits available for all kinds of travelers. Designed and developed by SET Global, the smart travel pack comes with an integrated solar panel, USB ports and power bank. The pack has different compartments and detachable sleeves for smart organization of various devices and equipment. The backpack is waterproof, drop safe and easy to handle.

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