Founder, Reekita Shah Alias Gala Introduces Mixed Universal Studios

One Stop Solution: An Idea Ready For Collaboration

15 August, 2017 – Reekita Shah, the founder of Mixed Reality Universal Studios, a VR-AR-MR development and education service business that is already known for evoking high flying deeds when it comes to merging of real and virtual worlds to produce new environments and visualizations, where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real time.

The company proudly announces the launch of their new business related to e-courses, corporate consulting services, development of apps, websites, games, content and marketing services and memberships for people interested in Mixed Reality (MR), Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies. They are also about to grow the business in a bid to bring about a redefined experience like never before.

“The main idea to launch this business is to provide one stop solution to developers, marketer’s, designers, analysts, business owners and others. The company aims to provide the solutions, tools, and resources needed to help them provide ultimate customer satisfaction and better productivity.” Says Reekita Shah, when talking about the range of services they offer. “We are providing one stop solution by introducing e-courses, job portal, directories, and services related to designing and development, marketing, and data analysis along with personal consultation for B2B, B2C & Individuals for VR, AR and MR technologies throughout various platforms. We are very excited to help others and bring a SaaS solution very soon for bridging the gap between business owners, developers, marketers, analyst and customer’s user engagements and experiences,” She added.

Mixed Reality Universal Studios founded by Reekita Shah and co-owned by Pradeep Reddy is taking a bold step in their quest to build Talent Pool across AR VR MR by introducing their e-courses with a 50% discount to the first 50 students starting from October 2017 and registration will last until 27th of September. The courses range from VR, AR, MR, Data Science, IOT Course, Artificial Intelligence, Marketing, Advance AR/VR/MR Bundle, and Drone.

They are known for creating an environment that Connects Customers across different industries with Solution Providers. They do not only concentrate on creating a member community of MR VR and AR solution providers and content creators but are also interested in having a large percentage of members being the brands and customers of MR VR and AR. Presently, they are looking for investors to develop a SaaS platform related to VR, AR and MR technologies.

For more information on how to get started, please visit www.mixedrealityuniversal.com

About Reekita Shah (Founder)

Reekita has worked in various industries like Education, Retail, Beauty, Fashion, Recruitment, Marketing Agencies and E-commerce for over 10+years focusing on Marketing, Consultation for Implementation of Latest Technology and Improving Business Operations & Productivity. Her educational background is Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, Bachelors in Commercial Arts and Advertising, Master of Science in Project Management.

She has always been inclined towards learning new market trends, latest technologies and helping businesses and corporations implement latest technologies and help them achieve their goals by providing better solutions for productivity. Business and technology has always been her passion and this has been one of the latest ventures she has started related to virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality technologies.

For more information, visit her LinkedIn Profile via https://www.linkedin.com/in/reekita-shah-alias-gala-2ab01368 and also visit her Facebook page via https://www.facebook.com/MRARVR/

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