Social Media Daily Offering a Top-Notch Video Marketing Service for Boosting Any Business

Social Media Daily, a reputed social media marketing agency, expands their services to include video marketing. From now on, any business can grow their leads and online presence with the help of efficient video marketing solutions.

According to surveys, 43% of people want to have more video content. In fact, videos are the most powerful marketing tool at the moment. 4 out of every 5 consumers think that product/service demo videos are helpful. Most people (exactly 4 times more than the other) prefer to watch product videos to reading product descriptions. The list could go on, but all it boils down to is that video marketing rocks today and Social Media Daily embraces this.

Social Media Daily is a marketing company with many years of experience in helping businesses progress. They are always looking for new ways to boost their customers’ online presence. From now on, they can do this using an efficient video marketing service. It has a particular focus on YouTube, the leading online video platform.

Why Launch a Video Marketing Campaign on YouTube?

The obvious answer to this question is that YouTube has over a billion users. On average, 8 out of 10 people aged between 18 and 49 watch videos on this platform at least a few times a month. YouTube videos are actually beating prime-time television today and many people go as far as to watch them via their TV sets. Should the trend continue, there is a chance that cable networks will become obsolete sometime in the next decade.

One thing is for sure today, establishing a business’s presence on this platform is an essential marketing step. In fact, over 70% of businesses with more than 100 employees already have their own YouTube channels. Smaller companies still lag behind, but companies like Social Media Daily help change this situation.

Video marketing is both complex and simple. On one hand, a business must invest some resources to make high-quality presentation videos. However, the so-called ‘live’ unprofessional videos are also very popular today. There is also a great number of tools that help even non-professionals make pretty decent short clips.

What this means for a small business is that they can use the power of video marketing even with a limited budget. They will only need to invest into professional product/service presentations. In the meantime, the company can keep their channel ‘alive’ by posting short vlogs. This approach will also help them connect with their audience.

The new video marketing service from Social Media Daily is focused on boosting the efficiency of videos for business promotion. The company utilizes a variety of tools to provide their clients’ clips with the recognition they deserve. Social Media Daily has also recently started offering their service packages in a variety of languages.

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