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Seattle, WA – Organic and vegan food are increasing in popularity faster than ever. This is, of course, a good thing, but sometimes it can be hard to differentiate true products from fake ones. The profits to be gained by selling “green” items are so massive that many product producers lie about their ingredients. Because of the commonality of this behavior, the process of finding quality superfoods is sort of convoluted. There are so many fake products on the market that each purchase can become a gamble, which is not economically efficient. However, a new website has surfaced that seeks to make finding great products, easy again. By simply going to, customers can find great supplement and superfood reviews that they can really trust.

One of the biggest misconceptions of healthy eating is that labels are trustworthy and believable. Green Superfood Reviews urges people to look further into the definition of “organic” and learn the real makeup of their foods. Their site allows customers to learn all about Vega Proteins & Greens, and many other products. Clara, a frequent site visitor of several months, noted that before Green Superfood Reviews, she often bought products that were not worth the exorbitant amount she paid. “Eating clean is important, but the price tag can be so insane. I used to spend so much money trying to figure out which products were best but now I can just visit the review site and find all the information I need”, said Clara. The trail of pleased customers doesn’t stop with Clara either, each day Green Superfood Reviews sees more and more pleased site visitors.

Marlin, a newer client has begun recommending the review site to many of his vegetarian friends claiming, “finding good sources of protein is hard as a vegetarian, I won’t lie about it. I was depending on generic protein powders, but Green Superfood Reviews brought Vega Protein & Greens to my attention and I have not stopped using it since.” One of the individuals that Marlin recommended felt responsible for reporting their successes as well, “I’ve been a vegan for a long time, and I suffer from many allergies, one of which is soy. Only now with truthful ingredients and reviews have I been able to find good products that don’t hurt me.”

People in need of true superfoods and wholesome, healthy nutrition should begin to turn to this review site immediately before more money is spent needlessly.

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