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New York, United States – Central Park. Wall Street. Madison Avenue. Dorothy from the Wizard of the Oz, would click her heels and say, “There is no place like home, there is no place like home.” As those who take the streets of the concrete canyons and an imitable skyline know there is no place like Manhattan.

Roth Built Works is a Design and Build Company that has been exceeding their client’s expectations for the past 25 years exclusively in Manhattan. The construction company specializes in high-end apartments and townhouse renovation using their fully integrated platform. The platform includes architectural services which go over drawings and regulation approvals according to the DOB. Following is the interior design which covers the layout, lighting, finishes, fixtures, and furnishing. Then there is the licensed and insured general contractor followed by specialty trades which discusses plumbing, electrical, carpentry, and painting process of the renovation.

Unlike leading home renovation companies who use subcontractors, Roth Built Works take control of the process and is transparent with their clients from start to finish. Before the renovation begins, the expert at RBW sit with their clientele and design a roadmap. The roadmap includes a detailed line-by-line project that discusses the estimated cost which will be tailored to an individual’s budget. The transition from planning to construction is smooth as the company takes full responsibility.

However, concern arises from clientele when it comes to meeting Manhattan’s property rules and regulations. The company has developed an extensive knowledge of these rules and regulations as they exclusively work in Manhattan. RBW is also known for their reputation and relationship with the Department of Buildings and Landmarks and Preservation Commission. Aside from benefitting the company, it benefits their clientele as it eliminates costly mistakes in obtaining permits and approval.

At Roth Built Works, the experts understand that renovating a property, commercial or residential, is a complex process that not only entails a capital investment but an emotional investment as well. As a result, the company has a fixed price and on-time completion guarantee. The on-time completion guarantee eliminates factors that contribute to project delays and additional expenses. For those in Manhattan interested in what sets Roth Built Works renovation aside from their competitors, they are encouraged to visit for more information.

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