Share What You See Recorded By Ideawheel C5 Bike Smart Helmet

Being in an important or meaningful moment, people always take photos by their smart phones and some enthusiasms prefer to capture those beautiful things by cameras. But for riding geeks, being in the same condition, what kind of device they can use to record the sceneries on their way? Ideawheel C5 helmet is just nice.

Possible experiences always appear in our colorful life. We may go on a business trip with colleagues, play around the city we live with friends at weekends or holidays or encounter with little creatures we’ve never seen occasionally. People would like to share those first hand feeling and that is a big fun. Quick image device can realize this. But when it makes reference to the riding shooting, only Ideawheel C5 helmet camera can handle this situation.

Ideawheel C5

When you are riding, sharing what you see seems simple, but to share those in high quality and without affecting the normal sports rhythm, it might not be smooth as you image. When you are accelerating and viewing the scenery ahead of you, you will can’t help yourself to take photos. But it takes some time and slows riding to pull out phone to aim at and shoot. As we may have the same experience that pictures taken by phones are sometimes not clear due to shivering hands. This problem has aroused the interest of Ideawheel and it can be solved by wearing C5 smart helmet.

Ideawheel C5

The casing of C5 consists of PC pieces, same level of Nokia and the inner material adopts the imported EPS. There will be no chance to contact those weird smells of bad material. Exhaust air holes are set at the top and rear of C5 intelligent helmet for dissipating heat so as to ensure the fluent air flowing. C5 is firm enough to fight again with any shocking.

Ideawheel C5

Equipped with 2K resolution ratio of sport camera, Ideawheel C5 intelligent helmet for road safety has a shooting range of 150°. Only one key can start your recording and seize the wonderful moments. 128G storage space makes the shooting without the worries behind. Besides, riders can connect to the Bluetooth and beautiful music can be played for exciting you. Quick sharing also won’t disappoint you since it can help to upload the files onto the social media platform.

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