Beehive Talent: The Virtual Job Fair

“If you hire people just because they can do a job, they’ll work for your money. But if you hire people who believe what you believe, they’ll work for you with blood and sweat and tears.” – Simon Sinek

Beehive Talent: Whether you are an employer or candidate, finding the perfect fit for a job is not easy. Everything from the mind-numbing process of scanning through resumes to spending hours crafting the perfect application is tiresome. And sometimes it’s just human fatigues that makes the right employee or job be skipped. Traditionally these can be solved with personal connections and discovery at job fairs. The challenge is the lack of diversity and extensive amount of resources required. Beehive Talent is aiming to change that with the first virtual job fair. The free mobile app eliminates the typical hiring methodology and uses short video exchanges between both candidate AND hiring manager. Candidates get a sense of the job directly from the hiring manager and employers get to look through candidates quickly with a speed review process. It is a virtual job fair on your time wherever you are.

“Save time, find quality people, and build culture in your organization, team or partnership. That is what we are all about at Beehive Talent. We eliminate the initial awkwardness and time wasting of traditional interviewing. Candidates love it too because they get a feel for their potential employer before they apply.” – Mukundh (Muk) Pandian, CEO of Beehive Talent

The job screening market could be considered crowded but the players approach the problem in traditional ways.  These include online platforms that use dated resumes or job boards; expensive hiring firms that leverage elite private talent lists which limits diversity; resource intensive job fairs; and community sites that flood hiring managers with one click applications. The inefficiencies in the market have ballooned global recruiting to $529B (source: recruitment international) a year. This figure shows a critical need for improvement. While video recruiting is nothing new, the current platforms focus on the interview phase of hiring. Traditional job fairs have been called old school but its need for discovering people and companies is unquestioned.  This is where Beehive thrives, by taking discovery of people that would not typically cross paths to find mutual passions. It is also speedy and flexible for both candidates and employers.

Here is a shocking statistic from career arch; “The typical candidate spends about 3-4 hours preparing and submitting one job application, the typical employer spends less than 15 minutes reviewing that application. Nearly 60% of candidates spend at least 1 hour just on research and preparation before they even starting the online submission process. 70% of employers believe candidates spend only 1 hour or less in researching, preparing for, and submitting their job application.”

We need to get candidates and employers on the same playing field. Companies and applicants are plagued with the same dilemma of finite resources so why does the talent acquisition process have to be so expensive, time consuming and often unaligned? Hiring managers and candidates are sick of dedicating time and energy to the recruitment process only to have a lack of fit lead to attrition. Beehive talent fills the market need for building organizations based on a fast, convenient and personalized process.

About Beehive Talent

Beehive Talent is a startup based in Hermosa Beach California. Their free job screening platform creates a better hiring experience while dramatically reducing the time of the typical process. Assessments on culture and fit are based on a one-minute video exchange where candidates AND employers sell themselves. Candidates acknowledge they meet minimum job requirements, replacing the tiresome resume review.  Beehive Talent is currently available on IOS, Android and For a full Beehive overview check out the features video at

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