Paradigm Shirt, the new sustainable clothing brand on a mission to change the world

Paradigm Shirt is tackling the 2nd most polluting industry in the world with the best processes available, and positive values.

Created in january 2017, this young and ambitious startup is shooting for the stars. Paradigm Shirt is a 100% ethical, responsible and ecological clothing brand on a mission to change the second most polluting industry. The brand official launch will take place September 5th on Indiegogo, with their international crowdfunding campaign.

Why? After so many environmental catastrophes, its creator got tired of our consumption system. It is costly for the people, for the earth, and it always benefits the same group of very rich people. While he started thinking about how to change this way of life, the idea of creating t-shirts came to him. It is a very democratic and unisex piece of clothing unlike suits. He wanted to create more than just plain white t-shirts.

The garments had to display amazing and powerful designs that make you think about life. They also had to be “beautifully” and ethically made using innovative and sustainable production technologies. He started thinking they could change the world one shirt at a time, and it was already a really great start.


  • Everything is produced in Japan (low carbon footprint and ethical working conditions): from raw materials to the finished product
  • Using polyester made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Waterless dyeing thanks to the innovative AirDye technology
  • 100% Vegan
  • Certified OEKO-Tex, without BPA nor PVC
  • 10% donated to non-profits
  • 5% redistributed to the t-shirt’s designer

Paradigm Shirt is organizing a global Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign on September 5th.

Their 9 designs will be available as rewards.

The funds raised will allow them to launch the production of the t-shirts, and grow the brand with new products.

About Paradigm Shirt:

Paradigm Shirt is a 100% ethical, responsible and ecological clothing brand offering the most sustainably produced garments. They chose clean cutting edge processes and materials, saving tons of water, and energy, while avoiding pollution. Each design is created in collaboration with a non-profit to whom they donate 10% of the proceeds.

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Media Contact
Company Name: Paradigm Shirt
Contact Person: Alexandre Coissard, CEO
Country: France