Dongguan Large Electronics Co., Ltd Manufacturer Announces To Supply Low Temperature Battery Suitable For Special Work Environments

Dongguan Large Electronics Co., Ltd specializes in the production of custom lithium battery for different applications. They now introduce low temperature batteries meant for the special work environments in the temperature range of -20°C to 40°C.

Dongguan Large Electronics Co., Ltd has been manufacturing a wide range of customized lithium batteries for over 15 years now. The Company now brings low temperature batteries that can withstand extreme temperatures and are suitable for special working conditions in many areas.

According to the spokesperson of the company, they supply the low temperature battery for different applications, such as military use, oil exploration, satellites, UAVs, outdoor monitor equipments, railway monitor equipments and others. With a standard design, the battery comes with a built-in PTC over-current protection and a built-in safety vent. The company uses the LNCMO lithium system in these batteries which helps in extending the battery lifespan to 500 times. The spokesperson claims that the battery features a capacity not less than 70% and has a better battery use life.

Dongguan Large Electronics Co., Ltd Manufacturer Announces To Supply Low Temperature Battery Suitable For Special Work Environments

The lithium battery manufacturer supplies a variety of lithium batteries, including energy storage batteries, back-up batteries, and power batteries. These batteries are meant for the household, commercial as well as industrial energy storage systems. Compatible with major international standards, such as CE, RoHS, FCE and others, these batteries feature in top international brands that include PANASONIC, SAMSUNG, LG, and others. The spokesperson reveals that the batteries are equipped with over-current protection, short-circuit protection and over-voltage protection and are fit to be used in many applications.

The spokesperson of the storage battery manufacturer in China reveals that they can customize lithium batteries, as they have a large R&D team with professionals with their expertise in ID design, software, electrochemistry, measurement & control, workmanship, signal processing and so on. With a rich experience in manufacturing and customization of the lithium ion batteries, the company has already been providing batteries to worldwide clients across different fields. To know more about the kind of lithium batteries they produce and customize one can visit their website

About Dongguan Large Electronics Co., Ltd

Dongguan Large Electronics Co., Ltd founded in 2002, with headquarters in Gosun Science Park, Nancheng District, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province in China, is a national high and new technology enterprise which integrates lithium ion battery module research, production and marketing together.  Since its foundation, the company has been providing global customers with custom-made products in the fields of consumer power, storage power, motive power, back-up source, special power supply and so on. 

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