Health Benefits app received great reviews from users on Google Play

Peek@U Corporation has launched the app Health Benefits that has received great reviews from the users on Google Play. The health and fitness app helps the users in staying healthy, lose weight and improve strength at home by doing top level trainings at home. “Great app for workout. It is very helpful and all fitness lovers should try it. I trained with this guy and results are perfect- slowly getting abs I wanted in a natural way”, says one user while another one mentions, “This application is perfect, best circle training and most powerful exercises”.

Health Benefits is created for those who don’t have the time to go to the gym. Using this app, they can train at home with minimum space and equipment for having the body they always desired. The app is meant for both men and women and suggests training style and exercises based on the requirements of the user. It’s the new way to stay healthy and fit without having to spend a fortune on fitness regimes, equipment, and gym memberships. The app consists of a “health Alarm “feature that reminds the user to drink water and eat food at intervals set by the user itself.

The app shows the “Spine Correction Exercises” which is utmost important for a healthy posture and physical health. These exercises will help the user to strengthen their muscle and body.The users can also find neck and back exercises which are mostly caused due to long sitting. In the modern world and fast paced life, the physical activity has decreased considerably for the majority of the people which has increased the risk of obesity and other health problems. Since most of the people can’t manage to go to the gym regularly, this app will help them in exercising regularly and follow a proper diet by providing them with a custom training plan.

Health Benefits app also allows the user to see the amount of protein, fats, and calories they have consumed to help them manage their weight accordingly. The users can contact the Health Benefits team any time of the day for seeking health advice or any other they’re facing in reaching their fitness goal. The “Online Personal Trainer” provided in the app can make custom training programs for the users and help them follow it properly so that they can reach their health & fitness goal as soon as possible. The app can be downloaded for free at Google Play Store.

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