PHILDORA, the new party planner and GIF invitation maker app lets you create and send cool GIF invitations in less than a minute

Party invites are cumbersome to create and send using the existing invitation services especially when all your contacts are on the phone and most current platforms still rely on sending invitations either digitally by email or by mailing printed cards. To this end, PHILDORA offers a mobile-first solution to help busy moms plan major life celebrations such as birthday parties and baby showers by removing all the hassles of party planning allowing the host and her guests to celebrate the only thing that matters. PHILDORA app is now available on both iOS and Android where users can create, send and manage party invitations right from their mobile phone. It’s an exciting new invitation maker that can be used to create eye catching GIF event invitations and send them directly to phone contacts as easily as sending a text message thereby saving money, time and effort in planning parties.

PHILDORA has a collection of cool animated GIF invitations that can be personalized for any occasion.  The app allows you to send these personalized birthday invitations, shower invitations, and other party invitations directly to your phone contacts in less than a minute. The guests receive the party invite via a text message and can easily send their RSVP response without having to download the app. However, by downloading the app, the guests can access additional popular features of the app that enable users to share pictures of the event on a common message board in the app, where they can comment and interact with the host and other guests.

Using the app is fairly simple as it does not require the user to sign up or login into the app. They just need to verify their phone number to access all the features as a host. The guest will receive the invite through a web link so they can choose to download the app or not. The app features multiple templates for different occasions which can be customized accordingly. As a host of the event, they can use the app to track guests RSVP, manage the events on the go and also add a co-host who will have the permission to invite additional guests and send event updates.In addition, the host can add a gift registry from any popular store, if necessary, and send it along with the event invitation. The guests, on the other hand, can see the event date, time and place while also, add it to the calendar for reminding them about it. The app features a private message board where all the people attending the event can share pictures of the event to have all photos at one place.

The PHILDORA GIF invitation maker and party planner app is free of cost and offers a convenient platform for the users to plan all kinds of events. Moreover, the app won’t annoy the users with useless advertisements and spam them but instead just send reminders about any important update in the event. PHILDORA app is the most efficient and convenient way of sending event invitations from a mobile phone. It may well revolutionize the way people plan their parties in the future as they can plan parties right through their smartphone without having the need to write down or remember things about the event. The app is available for free download on Google Play and iTunes.

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