Spriv LLC is pleased to announce the grant of US Patent No. 9,727,867.


This velocity distance and speed measuring patent, together with our other existing US and Australian Patents, describes ways to utilize mobile phone location to authenticate the user identity.

Patent No. 9,727,867 describes ways of checking the geographic location and time of a wireless terminal associated with a user. When a second transaction is attempted, the geographic location and time of the second attempted transaction is determined and, based on a comparison of the distance between the two locations and the speed required to travel between the two locations, if the speed is above a predetermined value an alert is communicated to the predetermined device.

The grant of that patent provides further recognition of the quality of the innovation being carried out by Spriv’s team.

For more information, please contact:

Guy Hefetz, +1.917.414.6542 or https://spriv.com/adaptive-rba-two-factor-authentication/contact/

About Spriv

Most users understand that 2FA is a very good thing, but won’t tolerate 2FA intervention every time they login. This is Spriv’s sweet spot!

If a user chooses to allow a transaction done via a specific computer and the user’s cell phone identifies a particular environmental identifier, all future transactions will be automated as long as the same particular environmental identifier via the same cell phone and the same specific computer is used with the same username.

With Spriv’s technology you don’t need to train your users to press allow every time they login. When users are trained to press allow every time they get authentication messages to their phone they may press allow for a fraudster access.

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