Time to Get that ‘Office Look’: The Bearded Colonel Welcomes You To Their Club!

The Bearded Colonel, unique high quality shaving subscription, offers every man a chance to prepare for the office after holiday season. Join their club and get a premium quality five-bladed colonel razor shipment for only £5.

It’s true that beards are rising in popularity, but surveys indicate that a clean-shaven look still rocks in offices. The business world isn’t as progressive as other areas of life and a stuble-free face is still seen as a mark of professionalism. Therefore, as the vacation season is coming to an end, The Bearded Colonel offers every man a chance to get a look that will impress their superiors and colleagues. A shipment of their top-notch five-bladed shaving razors is now available for £5 with free shipping included.

Beards are trendy now and no one can deny that. Therefore, many men might doubt that shaving is necessary. After all, even the most conservative workplaces are getting more accepting of beards in all shapes and sizes.

However, while the fashion industry has embraced facial hair fully, people have actually started to lose interest. A recent survey from the University of NSW has shown that women have started to see bearded men as less attractive. The situation was completely the opposite about 5 years ago when the trend for growing facial hair just emerged.

The problem here is that men with facial hair are seen as more attractive when they are put in the group of clean-shaven people. The opposite is also true. So, as today the number of bearded men has increased drastically, shaving has become the new way to stand out.

Unique Five-Bladed Shaving Razors from The Bearded Colonel

The Bearded Colonel official website, https://beardedcolonel.co.uk/, offers a detailed explanation of their shaving razors system. In essence, it boils down to the unique shape of the blade designed by the German manufacturer of these special items. The blade’s name is Gothic Arch II and it’s as close in sharpness to a straight razor as one can get. The ‘five-bladed colonel’ is extremely sharp and can provide one with an excellent shaving compared to the barber’s shop.

The Bearded Colonel has been providing their clients with superior quality shaving razors for years. They regularly offer special discounts and other perks for their ‘club members’. This new offer allows one to join the club for £5. Postage is always included free and The Colonel assures that the quality of their blades is so high, that one wouldn’t settle for anything less after trying.

The company offers a subscription delivery service that one can set to the needed frequency based on their personal needs. This approach eliminates the need to re-order blades regularly and saves time.

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