Cheers Electronic Technical Co.,Ltd Release Advanced Wiring Harness Machinery Including Wire Cutters, Strippers, And Crimping Machines

Cheers Electronic Technical Co.,Ltd has been specializing in the production of an array of wiring harness machinery including wire cutters, wire peeling machines, and digital tube cutting machines for nearly 30 years.

Wire harnesses, also referred as cable harnesses are bundles of wires or cables held together via tapes, conduits, sleeves or straps, and are singularly used for transmitting electrical signals. Wire harnesses find widespread applications across a range of industries, particularly automotive, aeronautical, and construction because of some distinct advantages these have over discrete cables. As the wires are harnessed or strapped into firm bundles, they are more effective in resisting the pitfalls of moisture, vibrations, and scrapes. Additionally, the bundling implies optimum space utilization as well as minimization of the hazard of short circuitry. Cheers Electronic Technical Co.,Ltd is a Shanghai based manufacturer of a comprehensive range of cabling harness paraphernalia including but not limited to wire cutters, crimping machines, and digital wire stripping machinery.

Cheers Electronic Technical Co.,Ltd which was incorporated in the year 2008 has been focusing on manufacturing an assortment of wire bundling equipment right from day of its inception. The company has garnered extensive experience in manufacturing large wire strippers, digital crimping machines, wire cutting machines, wire peeling machines, pneumatic wire stripping machines, and applicators. The enterprise also specializes in producing peripherals for wiring harness processing, testing devices, tape binding machines, automatic wire feeders, and semi-automatic terminal crimping machines. Cheers Electronic takes pride in having a R&D section manned by skilled and seasoned professionals that gives the manufacturer a distinct edge over its closest competitors.

Cheers Electronic Technical Co.,Ltd Release Advanced Wiring Harness Machinery Including Wire Cutters, Strippers, And Crimping Machines

This Chinese wire strapping machinery manufacturing firm exports its wares including pipe cutting machines to commercial clients based in Russia, South America, Africa, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia, Mideast, and North America. Cheers Electronic is devoted to fabricating and supplying premium quality of wire cutting, wire stripping and cable strapping machinery to home appliances, automotive, and electronics industries. At the same time, the outfit goes out of the way to furnish the best possible after sales and customer service. Talking about the large wire strippers, let’s consider the CSC-508MAX2, 2-75 sq mm xcelite wire stripper. This model is also referred to as xcelite wire stripper tool, xcelite wire stripper machine, and xcelite wire stripper equipment.

The large wire strippers has been painstakingly designed and built for processing cables and wires with large diameters. To be precise, the machines are capable of processing 2 wires with a diameter or thickness of up to 75mm and O.D. cables up to 18mm simultaneously. These wire stripping machines can be operated on a continuous mode and is eminently ideal for cutting lines at high speeds and requiring minimal manpower involvement, thereby saving both time and money. The equipment can process cabling material crafted out of fiberglass, Teflon, and PVC at the rate of 4000 to 6000 pieces every hour. The blade material is of toughened tungsten steel and comes with an eight-wheel drive mode. The LCD screen displays readings in English.

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Cheers Electronic Technical Co.,Ltd has many years of expertise in mass producing wire harnessing equipment including wire cutters, strippers, and crimping machines with its plant located in Shanghai. 

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