More Russian Tourists Search Malta Online: +72% According to Yandex Data. Gargiullo: “Online Opportunities for Maltese Economy and Firms”

Russian online searches for Malta increased 72% on the Russian search engine Yandex, reports Giulio Garguillo, Digital Marketing Manager. Russian tourists return to Europe and throughout the world and are among the top spenders in shopping abroad.

VALLETTA, MALTA – 17 Aug, 2017 – Russian tourists return in Europe and throughout the world, and Russian searches on Malta have increased 72% according to Yandex data, as reported by Digital Marketing Manager Giulio Gargiullo (, an Italian with over 15 years specializing in online business with Russia, who is currently visiting the Republic of Malta for business, and appreciating its beauty for the first time. The return of Russian tourists across Europe and in the world is also confirmed by recent Global Blue data of the first quarter of 2017, maintaining Russians to be among the top spenders in shopping abroad.

Searches in March 2016 as compared to those of March 2017 indicate an increase of 72% in online searches by Russia, made on Yandex, related to Malta. In fact, going from 106,107 searches on Yandex in March 2016 to 182,448 searches in March 2017, resulted in 71.9472% more online searches.

Giulio Gargiullo, Digital Marketing Manager, comments: “In recent months, Russian citizens have started to travel in Europe and around the globe, thanks to the stabilization of the ruble, hence the resulting increased economic availability in shopping and traveling abroad. Russian spending, in fact, increased by over 40% in the first quarter of 2017, according to UBS financial data.

Giulio Gargiullo on Russian Tourism in Malta: “Certainly Malta is a point of great interest for its beauty, history, culture, its strategic position and its economic importance, and its significance for attractiveness in business. The Russians appreciate Malta for its many facets, its many possibilities and easy access. It is important to attract Russian tourists to Malta with localized Russian websites created ad hoc with images and communication for Russian culture.”

According to the report “Tourism in Malta – Facts and Figures 2016” of the Malta Tourism Authority, explains Gargiullo, the Russians are among the primary visitors of the island, reporting attendance of 34,220 in 2014, 21,584 in 2015 and 16,370 in 2017, thus reporting a drop last year of 24.2%. So in 2017 we are seeing the return of Russian tourists and we see positive signs in tourism and foreign purchases resulting from among the top spenders in acquisitions.”

Explains Giulio Gargiullo: “It is necessary to begin online marketing activities in Russian to find new customers for their business. Quite often, tourists visit a location by getting in touch with the most famous and symbolic places, of course. Thanks to digital marketing you can route the visitor to a shop, a company, a startup, a hotel, but also to public or private attractions such as museums, areas of special interest, etc. You need to know that Russia’s online gateway is Yandex, which is the most used Russian search engine, and after that Google reaches nearly 50% of the market today. Fundamental to entertain for Russians is VK, the main local social network. Russians are very passionate about travel and talk a lot about it in social networks, exchanging online photos and holiday tips.

In addition, according to Global Blue, the company specializing in Tax Free Shopping, Russian traveler spending has increased, growing between 33% and 46% each month, comparing the same data with 2016, as confirmed by the Russian Tourist Industry Union.

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Giulio Gargiullo is the Online Marketing Manager that for many years has worked between Italy and Russia and at an international level with companies and other leading facilities linked to different sectors in the domain of luxury. Giulio Gargiullo speaks Italian, Russian and English and is involved in bringing new customers and business opportunities to companies worldwide through advanced business activities and digital marketing. He is also responsible for building privileged relations between business partners.


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