Unforgettable Wind Surfing experience in Spain with Erasmus Plus, Landon Carver and Club ION

“”This experience has been incredible. I have learnt so much and it has been an amazing time.” – Daniel Streuli, Wind Surfing Programme.”
Daniel Streuli, and 4 other outdoor professionals took part in what they have described as “a once-in-a-life-time opportunity” funded by Erasmus+, designed and delivered by Galway based training specialists Landon Carver in conjunction with ION Club

The placements provided an incredible opportunity for VET professionals, working in the outdoor industry and those involved in the delivery and implementation of QQI.

Level 5 or QQI Level 6 programmes. This amazing opportunity provided funding for 5 candidates to spend 60 days in Spain with Club ION attaining the knowledge, skills and competences required to develop and deliver their own QQI Programmes in the future.

Most of all, the placements allowed the participants to develop and grow personally as well as professionally and provided them with a remarkable adventure and valuable experience.

This bespoke opportunity provided the candidates with a practical enhancement of their existing skills which could then be transferred to their work places in Ireland.

The participants had an opportunity to expand their networking skills and connections by meeting other instructors and mentors with similar skill sets and experience.

The whole adventure took place on the cost of Spain with breath-taking landscapes, golden beaches and local tradition and culture accompanying the participants and their training on every step of the way. Candidates spent time learning from Club.

ION’s experienced staff, a multitude of clients and students from a wide variety of social backgrounds and sectors. Warm climate, friendly atmosphere, sandy beaches and a constant need to push themselves further made this trip an unforgettable experience for all the participants. Even at the preparation stage the level of excitement and interest in the programme was tangible with newapplicationsand interested participants applying from all over Ireland.

The Wind Surfing Programme is one of a series of programs delivered by Landon Carver under the banner of CARVE programs. All the placements in CARVE programs are funded through Erasmus + and designed to enhance different sectors of the outdoor sector in Ireland.

All the CARVE programmes developed by Landon Carver seek to make lifelong learning and mobility a reality for their participants. Landon Carver strives to improve the quality and efficiency of education and training received by the participants on their programmes throughfostering further learning, active citizenship and intercultural dialogue.

While on each placement the candidates develop a concrete plan on how they will use the obtained experience and skills to impact their own organization, and furthermore – their own region. Implementation of thisProgram Improvement Plan (PIP) will shape the quality of the QQI programs provided in Ireland.

Landon Carver designs, develops and delivers programmes like Wind Sujrfing every year. Outdoor and Adventure sports and activities are a true passion for everyone at Landon Carver which is reflected in the variety and volume of placements for the sector in the recent years. Among other programs, the participants had a chance to take part in Mountain Biking Programme, Team Leader Programmes, Ski and Snowboarding Placements and many more.

For more information, visit: www.landoncarver.com

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