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Clients Achieve the Best Possible Resolution to Their Divorce and All Its Related Issues

Divorce is not something that people keep doing until they get it right. Some couples are fortunate enough to never have to go through a divorce. Others may go through it more than once. Every divorce is unique in some way; even when one or more of the parties have been down this road before. The more people there are involved and the higher the marital assets are, the more difficult it can be to come to a fair resolution. When there are children, the focus is on doing what is best for them. To navigate the complex Pennsylvania divorce laws, a divorcing spouse needs an Allentown divorce attorney with a great deal of local experience.

Mary J. B. Eidelman has more than 30 years of legal experience. She has built a reputation as an Allentown divorce attorney capable of handling simple divorce cases and those that are much more complex. Child custody and support, high net worth, and company businesses are some of the issues that can tie up divorce cases for months or even years. An experienced attorney knows how to fight for their client and get the best possible resolution for their specific situation.

Many of the issues in a divorce case are determined by law. Guidelines are presented for separation of marital assets, determining child custody and support, and spousal support. There are also conditions that will determine to what extent these guidelines apply. An experienced Allentown divorce attorney like Mary J.B. Eidelman knows the areas of law where there is room to negotiate. She will use the necessary aggression to get the best results for each and every client.

Divorce is never easy on anyone involved; especially the youngest members of the family. The best approach is to take as much of the contention and stress out of the process as possible. Some cases can be solved more effectively through negotiation that avoids the hostilities often presented in the courts.

For Allentown residents who need experienced representation in their divorce, Eidelman & Associates has more than five decades of accomplished experience in divorce and family law. They are compassionate lawyers who are ready to guide couples through negotiates or represent them aggressively in court when the situation calls for it.

About Eidelman & Associates

Eidelman & Associates is a law firm in Allentown, Pennsylvania that is committed to handling matters related to divorce. Founder, Mary J.B. Eidelman, has more than 30 years of experience in providing excellent litigation and mediation services for straightforward and complex divorces. The feature that sets Eidelman & Associates apart as a divorce and child support attorney in Allentown, PA, is their compassion towards their clients and the children who must live with the outcome of the divorce for the rest of their lives.

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