Tracy Celaya And GO Consulting International Are Bringing Clients Big Results

Tracy Celaya and GO Consulting International are committed to developing both the full potential and the uniqueness of their corporate and individual clients.

For Tracy Celaya of GO Consulting International (, helping her clients bridge the gap between people, performance, profit is essential.

“We help multifaceted, high-potential individuals and business owners leverage their unique and unconventional talents,” Celaya says.

Individual clients are able to take advantage of GO Consulting International’s Unconventional Expert program. This program allows them to learn how to find, fuse, and fuel their unique talents. Additionally, GO Consulting International’s IIASAS program gives clients the tools they need to properly showcase their talents so they can better achieve their professional goals.

“Our individual clients take control of their career to reach their professional and economic goals in their ideal career or in starting their visionary business, and, ultimately, living the life they deeply desire,” Celaya says.

For business clients, GO Consulting International provides a multitude of resources that help put the right people in the right positions, cultivate visionary business owners, executives, and managers, increase profitability, and improve efficiency, productivity, and engagement.

“Our business clients learn to embrace and leverage the unique talents of their workforce resulting in higher engagement, performance, productivity, and profit,” Celaya says.

Specializing in business and career individualization, GO Consulting International has an impressive roster of accomplishments. According to Celaya, the company has implemented high impact diversity and inclusion training to over ten-thousand employees at a Fortune 1000 educational organization that resulted in a 25 percent boost in employee engagement and productivity.

“GO Consulting International has also coached entrepreneurs to starting five- and multi six- figure businesses, helped individuals increase their salaries by 23 percent, and created customer learning modules for a $3 million human resources organization,” Celaya says.

Having clients use GO Consulting International’s resources, methods, and techniques to further their businesses and careers is what Celaya considers the most rewarding aspect of her job.

“Just knowing our business clients have thriving companies because they’ve learned to leverage the unique talents of their employees, and that our individual clients have fulfilling, ideal careers perfectly aligned to their strengths and professional goals, that’s the most rewarding part for me,” Celaya says.

Tallying up the growing list of GO Consulting International’s successful clients is an increasingly daunting task.

“A recent client sold her multi-six-figure boutique business for a high profit and now has a new five-figure startup multimedia marketing business in only three months as a result of our career and leadership coaching,” Celaya says. “Another client opened her health & wellness business four weeks early and it has soared to six figures in less than eleven months as a result of our career coaching.”

Helping clients set themselves apart and define themselves and their businesses by what makes them unique allows GO Consulting International to concentrate on each individual client, developing and filling niches along the way. Cultivating these unique relationships creates new opportunities for multilevel growth and exponential expansion. Part think tank, part hothouse, and part ingenuity lab, GO Consulting International is building the successes of their individual and business clients from the ground up.

“We are unconventional solutionists,” Celaya says. “Our clients leverage our innovative problem-solving and sharp skillsets to connect people to performance for smart results.”

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