The educational recruitment platform is offering 12% ROI for investors over a 12-month period.

August 18, 2017 – Prudential First Education, an on-demand native English language academic teacher recruitment platform designed to bring English teaching to communities around the world, this week announced they are expanding their team of English teachers.

Currently based in Turkey, Prudential First Education is on a mission to address important English ideals that seem neglected in teaching spaces.

In their now ongoing crowdfunding campaign, Prudential First Education will be offering 12% ROI for investors over a period of 12-months, in addition to return on capital.

“We are now poised for growth and with expansion comes capital requirement,” said Shan S. Haider, Head of Consulting at Prudential First Education. “We are very excited to be offering a crowdfunding investment opportunity to other savvy businesspersons looking to get in on the global education market.”

Each year, the demand for English-speaking teachers continues to grow around the world. Right now, over 200,000 teachers are needed globally in countries using the English language as second language.

Prudential First Education has succeeded in placing suitable candidate in different educational institutions for these countries.

According to Sarah Cook Dobson, an English Language Instructor at Kansas, USA, “I have greatly appreciated them – for answering questions, listening to my priorities in finding the best jobs, and making arrangement in spite of challenging circumstances.”

Last year, Prudential First Education generated over $150K in revenue. According to this year projection, it’s estimated to reach $280K in revenues. The company is a leader in job placement for qualified native English language teachers/academic teachers around the world.,q_auto,f_auto/message_attachements/475553358/original/ShanSHaider_5.jpg

Right now, Prudential First Education is seeking funds for expansion. They want to, above all, inspire lifelong learning.

For more information about Prudential First Education’s crowdfunding campaign, visit:,q_auto,f_auto/message_attachements/475553483/original/ShanSHaider_3.jpg

About the Company

Prudent First Education is a leading job placement portal for native English language professionals. They work with teachers, principals, coaches, mentors, admin staff, and other related positions. As an educational job placement platform that has 5,000 users to date, Prudential First Education has $280,000 in sales with a return on investment of 35%. They’ve been serving the local market since 2015 with a unique technology edge, Filter & Match, to help schools recruit qualified candidates and streamline their hiring process.

Media Contact
Company Name: Prudential First Education
Contact Person: Mr. Shan S. Haider (Head of Consulting)
Phone: +90 216 504 85 95
Country: Turkey