Wife Beader Tapestries: Now Offering Beautiful 100% Handmade Tapestries Made Entirely With Tiny Glass Beads

Each Tapestry by Wife Beader Tapestries is One-of-a-kind remarkable piece of artwork

Tucson, AZ, USA. – American artist, Wife Beader Tapestries, a leading artisan who has gained extensive experience in tapestries has expanded its operational method of creating Tapestries.

A beautiful tapestry requires intensive time and resources. Previously, Wife Beader Tapestries made Tapestries with Miyuki rounds but is now converting to Miyuki Delicas which is more popular, and each of the Tapestries offered are 100% hand woven by Wife Beader Tapestries; the images are created solely by tiny glass beads.

According to Wife Beader Tapestries, the tapestries are very labor intensive. After designing the patterns and obtaining the beads, the loom must be warped (threaded). The smaller pieces usually require 20-30 minutes per row to weave, the larger up to an hour. You can see if there are 100 rows, it would be 50-100 hours of weaving. My biggest piece is 337/360 and will take nearly 400 hours to complete, as you might expect, not many beaders make tapestries because of this.

My favorite pieces to bead are recreating old paintings. I prefer to have the tapestries professionally framed and mounted, It showcases (and protects) the beads perfectly, and the glass reduces the glare.

My specialty is creating a ‘painting’ consisting of tiny dots. There is so much detail and depth to these pieces; Bluebell Woods looks as though you could stick your hand through it and touch the trees. The hummingbird and its nest show the curves so well it almost looks holographic.

The hand behind the Wife Beader Tapestries is a physically challenged talented sculptor who doesn’t take pleasure in being idle but rather chose a much productive way  to spend the time.

“I don’t want to spend my life just sitting doing nothing. My daughter suggested beading, but the thought of making jewelry didn’t interest me at all. But then I thought I could make a picture of beads. It’s been nearly two years now, and after making my mom Snoopy for Christmas, I was hooked. I found my niche and making these things of beauty just makes my soul soar. My hope is to share them with others who also appreciate the amazing artwork.”

As seen on my website, each piece takes many thousands of beads, the smallest piece took 7,800 beads, and the largest (Bluebell Woods) took over 27,000 beads.

The one at the framers (Barnabas Collins Portrait-inspired from the original series Dark Shadows) took 57,600. The largest yet which is still on the loom is double that.

As seekers of the beauty and obscure, I invite you to adorn your home with the astonishing designs from Wife Beader Tapestries.

Each piece is available for purchase on my online store. More pieces will become available as they are produced.

Albums of various Tapestries are available at www.facebook.com/pg/WifeBeaderTapestries                      

For more information, visit http://www.wifebeadertapestries.com

About Wife Beader Tapestries

Wife Beader Tapestries is a disabled talented artisan, who did not yield to circumstance but took good advantage of the situation it presents. Wife Beader Tapestries uses the latest Miyuki Delicas to create beautifully design Tapestries. All tapestries are 100% handmade and one-of-a-kind.

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