Shakti House provides a non-surgical treatment option for post operative breast implant Capsular Contracture.

Breast Implant, Capsular Contracture Treatment without Corrective Surgery

Los Angeles, CA, USA – Shakti House has developed a unique massage technique using modified structural integration along with mind/body sciences to treat capsular contracture due to implants in an effort to delay or cease the need for corrective surgery.

Complications with breast implants are quite common and are usually treated with re surgery.

Capsular contracture affects around 5% of women with breast augmentations. It occurs when scar tissue develops under the skin located around a breast implant, forming what is known as a tissue capsule. This can be a painful and embarrassing condition that causes distortion and discomfort in the breast.

You no longer have to live with the effects of capsular contracture ruining how you feel about yourself as well as how you are perceived by others; Shakti House is uniquely designed to give patients a non-surgical alternative for fixing the number one recurring problem in the breast implant field. Let us be the addition to your health regime that gives you control over your breast again. “We help our clients avoid the need for re-surgery due to capsular contracture”, breast augmentation was the top cosmetic surgical procedure again in 2016, with 331,122 procedures in the U.S., breast enlargement using silicone implants being the most popular.

Shakti House Los Angeles, provides a specialized massage treatment that guides the breasts into a more natural look and feel after breast implant surgery, current data shows that the majority of women have an average of three sets of implants; this service allows them to get back to a more natural feeling breast without surgery. “We have had clients come to us absolutely hopeless, not dating, avoiding certain physical activities, not allowing themselves to be seen naked for years, just allot of heavy stuff all stemming from issues of embarrassment and shame brought on by having to deal with hard misshapen breast due to cosmetic surgery scar tissue. Being able to bring people back to a place of being comfortable within their own skin taking back control of their body, it’s just an extremely rewarding to be a part of the healing process.”

About Shakti House Los Angeles

Shakti House Los Angeles is a network of female therapist that work alongside Los Angeles plastic surgeons and chiropractors. It aims to give a nonsurgical alternative therapy to encapsulated breast due to implants. Committed to giving women suffering with the pain, discomfort and embarrassment of Capsular Contracture a holistic alternative solution to the intrusive surgical procedures generally recommended.

About Tracy Jones

Well known as a celebrity healer, Tracy works mostly with professional athletes, actors, musicians and Industry professionals. With decades of Mind/Body work experience and a passion for positively and powerful impacting those around her Tracy attempts to be extremely technically accurate while integrating the latest philosophies and techniques into her practices.     

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