Kuester Management Group Highlights Importance of Consistent HOA Rules Enforcement

Kuester Management Group has released a new statement to the press, explaining the significance of HOA Board enforcing their stated rules fairly and consistently.

Those who serve on the HOA Board have a number of key duties—and arguably none more essential than proper, consistent enforcement of the Association’s rules and regulations. In a new statement to the press, Kuester Management Group explains what makes fair HOA rule enforcement so vital.

“The rules of the HOA are not arbitrary,” comments Bryan Kuester, President of Kuester Management Group. “They exist to keep the community running smoothly for everyone. Without fair enforcement of those rules, the HOA simply won’t work properly.”

Simple duty is the most basic reason to implement the rules fairly. “Everyone who buys into the HOA agrees to uphold the rules—so whether you happen to be serving on the HOA Board or not, you have an obligation to take those rules seriously,” Kuester remarks.

There are both financial and legal considerations, as well. “The HOA Board member has a fiduciary responsibility, which hinges on consistent enforcement of assessment collection policies,” Kuester explains. “Additionally, enforcing the stated rules and regulations fairly is perhaps the single best way to protect your HOA from litigation.”

Carrying out the rules of the HOA matters for community trust and unity, as well. “The HOA Board that isn’t fair or active in enforcing the rules will quickly lose the good faith of the community,” Kuester notes. “Plus, a lack of fairness could seriously rupture the HOA, and lead to great dissention among neighbors.”

The bottom line, according to Bryan Kuester? “The rules only work when they are enforced fairly. If you’re lax or inconsistent in your approach, it could hamper the Association’s ability to do its job properly. And that’s a scenario in which nobody wins.”

The day-to-day task of rule enforcement can be challenging, but help is available. “An HOA manager can assist your Board in understanding the best ways to make sure the rules are followed,” Kuester concludes.

More information about HOA management services from Kuester Management Group can be found online at www.kuester.com.


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