Oren: Revolutionizing the Gaming World

Earn Money while playing Games

There are currently millions of gamers present than has ever been in history. The recent statistic places the figure at 2.2 billion gamers playing games daily around the world. This is supposed to be great news to every party involved in gaming. However, it is not so. “The game industry has reached 100 billion dollar revenue in 2016. Despite all these great achievements, the problem of video games has always remained the same. Gamers spend hundreds to thousands of hours playing games and learning skills, but never gain any monetary benefits for all those time spent training.”

This is not encouraging especially when we see the rates at which athletes earn millions of dollars doing almost the same thing gamers do. This, of course, is the main reason why OREN was created; to create equal chances for everyone involved in Gaming.

About OREN

OREN connects the three sectors of the gaming world; gamers, game developers and game publishers. It creates an avenue to reward the gamers with Oren Coins for their skills, dedication and creativity. Oren made this possible by issuing game items and currencies as assets on to the Oren blockchain where it becomes easily tradable and gains monetary value over time. The Oren coins will be used as the base currency of the Oren Platform for all the services it has to offer.

OREN is a platform that will decentralize the gaming sector creating equal voice power for the gamers, game developers and the game publishers. OREN connects several host nodes globally to form a cluster of game publishers. In this platform, game developers decide on the revenue sharing model with the publishers through a transparent decentralize open market auction.

Gamers can trade Game assets globally to earn monetary values; this is possible through the help of the Blockchain technology. “Oren platform also provides support for developers to issue game assets and save game data into the Oren blockchain by using its easy to use API library.”

There are several reasons to consider OREN:

Transparency: Oren is sure because it uses blockchain technology. All the transactions are instant, secure and transparent.

Earn money gaming: Gamers can make a successful living via Oren. This is so because Oren created a platform where games assets will obtain real monetary value which can be sold on the built-in DEX or any other exchanges.

Other benefits include: competitive gaming, auto prize pool distribution, piracy protection, universal game development, open market auction based revenue sharing, safety mechanism for price drops, built-in decentralized exchange, decentralized game streaming, smart contracts and so much more

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Company Name: OREN Project Ltd
Contact Person: Ronnie Mason
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Phone: +31(97)-010241990
Country: Netherlands
Website: orenplatform.com