FashionTIY, Inc Sells A Vast Collection Of Quality Fashion Accessories And Jewelry At Wholesale Cost

FashionTIY, Inc is an e-commerce company that is based in the United States. They mainly deal in retail and wholesale of fashion accessories and jewelry.

Fashion jewelry and accessories have been gaining a steady foothold in the hearts of the fashion forward population in the recent years. In the early 90’s, people were not much into fashion accessories as they were not much to look at and not in trend, to be frank. By the turn of the millennium, the fashion industry saw a boost in new ideas and the overall approach to lifestyle choices due to the rise of new designs in the clothing sector that was coming from the minds of fresh, young minds.

Redefining this particular trend and tapping into the market that consists of the fashion forward and trendy individuals, FashionTIY, Inc set up shop on the internet and formulated a business plan that prioritizes fashion in every possible way. They wanted to change the way people saw fashion accessories and also made efforts towards making them more affordable to own. FashionTIY, Inc is based in the state of Delaware, United States and has been in the jewelry retail business and winning hearts ever since their inception.

FashionTIY, Inc Sells A Vast Collection Of Quality Fashion Accessories And Jewelry At Wholesale Cost

They did this by removing the intermediary resellers and started dealing on their own via their own channels thereby catering both the manufacturers and the consumers. This made the accessories more affordable as the prices drastically fell thereby benefitting the consumers, the manufacturers and at the end of the day the company FashionTIY, Inc itself, as it was gaining steady popularity in the market.

After being in the market for quite some time, FashionTIY, Inc updated their business model. They came up with their own manufacturing unit for designing and manufacturing fashion jewelry and accessories under their own brand name. The design team at FashionTIY, Inc is highly skilled and consists of over 100 team members. Each member is highly skilled in their own particular field with minimum 10 years’ experience under their hats.

The finished goods from FashionTIY, Inc are superior both in terms of quality and design which strikes quite a competition with the other players in the market. This is due to the company’s strict commitment towards the quality control of their products. To ensure that their products meet the quality requirements, they brought together a team of individuals whose sole job is to inspect the finished jewelry items before they are made ready for shipping and packaging.

FashionTIY, Inc also deals in jewelry wholesale operations that become beneficial for small scale to medium scale vendors and business houses. They offer quality controlled jewelry items and other related accessories at a competitive yet affordable price range.

About FashionTIY, Inc.

FashionTIY, Inc is an American e-commerce company that deals in fashion accessories and jewelry items. They also offer their services to business houses and jewelry retailers through jewelry wholesale operations. For further details, feel free to contact the company or visit their website given below.

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