With over 30 Google Reviews and a 4.5 Rating, Treasure Valley Family Medicine Now Develops Infographic to Educate Patients On Benefits of Direct Primary Care

Treasure Valley Family Medicine Receives 4.5 Star rating on Google Reviews, Develops Infographic to Educate about Direct Primary Care

With more than 30 Google Reviews, Treasure Valley Family Medicine has now received a 4.5-star rating. Treasure Valley Family Medicine offers Direct Primary Care, an innovative way of delivering health care to patients. For those unfamiliar with the Direct Primary Care concept, Treasure Valley’s website offers an educational infographic. Treasure Valley Family Medicines Meridian office is located at 2428 N. Stokesberry Place, Meridian, Idaho 83646.

Direct Primary Care

In the direct primary care model of health services, the insurance company is not part of the equation. Rather, the patient pays a periodic fee directly to the practice for primary care services. Doctors can thus devote more attention to their patients, instead of spending time dealing with insurance companies. Direct Primary care offered by Treasure Valley Family Medicine covers more than 95 percent of most health needs, including most common services and treatment of chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

By utilizing the direct primary care model, patients pay thousands of dollars less than traditional insurance premiums. Treasure Valley’s direct primary care costs about $70 per month for an individual, and $180 monthly for a family of four. Through the direct primary care model, patients and doctors avoid the dreaded insurance bureaucracy, and many patients can save money on their health care.


Treasure Valley Family Medicine reviews on Google are outstanding. At this time, the combined score is a 4.5-star rating. More than 30 reviews have been posted to Google alone. Reviewers gave high marks to both the doctors and the office staff.

Patients commended doctors on their thoroughness, the time they spent on the patients, and their caring for the individual patient. According to the reviewers, the extent of attention the doctors paid to the patients enhanced their quality of life. Individual doctors were specifically mentioned by their own patients for their concern, medical knowledge, and patience. Staff were particularly appreciated for their friendliness and efficiency. The electronic versions of reminders and the portals for records were also praised by patients. Reviewers also praised the cleanliness and location of the office.

Services Offered

At the Treasure Valley Family Medicine clinic in Meridian, the whole family can avail themselves of a number of services without shuttling around. From exams to minor procedures, the doctors in the clinic’s Meridian office will satisfy most patient needs. Check out their location.

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