Wearable ultrasound medical device manufacturing expands in United States to meet healthcare system demand for innovative musculoskeletal pain therapy.

Additional US jobs and production plants added for sam® Sport; the first non-invasive, multi-hour, wearable ultrasound device to treat acute and chronic pain and injuries. Used by professional athletes, military veterans, and patients for non-opioid alternatives.

TRUMBULL, CT – 21 Aug, 2017 – ZetrOZ Systems, LLC, announced today that the company has expanded US-based production capability of its’ innovative FDA cleared wearable-active ultrasound device – called sam® Sport– used widely by pain management physicians, orthopedists, and the veteran’s administration health system to address chronic back pain, joint pain and musculoskeletal injuries.

Introduced to the medical community in 2014, sam® Sport is clinically proven to increase collagen laydown (accelerates the natural healing process in soft tissue), brings oxygenated blood to muscle tissues, accelerates angiogenesis (stimulates capillary development) and increases blood flow, which is important for joint stiffness, muscle recovery, healing and eliminating pain. Multidisciplinary pain management research supported by congressionally funded institutes including the National Institutes of Health (www.nih.gov) and National Space Biomedical Research Institute (www.nsbri.org) has demonstrated that sam® Sport is non-invasive effective treatment alternative to opioid narcotics, joint injections and over-the-counter pain relievers.

Dr. Thomas Best, professor of orthopedics for the University of Miami Medical Center of Miami, Florida was involved with both federally funded clinical trials. “We have shown that daily multi-hour ultrasound treatment of arthritis can significantly improve range of motion, pain and quality of life of patients suffering from this debilitating condition,” he said. “We are pleased that the treatment option for patients is becoming more available across the country.”

sam® Sport medical technology (www.samsport.com) – manufactured in the United States and available by prescription from licensed healthcare professionals – is transforming the treatment of soft-tissue injuries and chronic pain by significantly accelerating healing times, eliminating surgical procedures and reducing pain medication use.

The growth of national insurance coverage and medical utilization of the device among the Professional Athletes, US Olympic Teams and the general population for Workers Comp, No Fault and Personal Injury patients has resulted in expansion of manufacturing jobs and support staff of ZetrOZ Systems, LLC. George Lewis, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer for ZetrOZ Systems, said: “The device is approved by insurance carriers for professional and collegiate athletes as well as most insurance carriers for Workers Comp, No Fault and Personal Injury patients.  The benefits to the patients is to get them back to work or in the game faster; without the use of prescription pain medication.  We have continued to expand our partnerships with the largest insurance carriers and healthcare systems to treat the workforce of America and get them off pain medication,” he explained. “Within the last year we have added two additional production facilities in Wisconsin and Massachusetts, expanded manufacturing operations at our corporate headquarters in Connecticut, and filled a critical senior operations manager position to oversee all US sam® Sport production.” The investment in operational capability will support medical device fulfillment to millions of Americans who can benefit from treatment, along with increased global distribution in Europe, Australia, Netherlands, and Asia.

ZetrOZ Systems, LLC: ZetrOZ Systems, is a cGMP, ISO 13485 medical device manufacturer and sustained acoustic medicine pipeline development company. The company is the global leader in non-invasive medical devices to accelerate tissue healing and relieve pain for chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

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