Shield Me Cases Giving Away Anti Radiation iPhone 6 Cases

August 21st, 2017 – With long exposure to cell phone radiation, phone users and children are at risk of developing cancer. Thermal, RF, and ELF are some of the dangerous radiation rays that millions of children and adults are exposed to due to handling of cell phones for hours. One company, Shield Me Cases wants to promote safe use of cell phone. Shield Me Cases is offering best anti radiation phone cases to its customers free of charge.

The owner and founder of Shield Me Cases, Rose Vitale almost gave up selling phones when she thought of the number of children handling cell phones and the dangers they are exposed to. With her ten years in cell phones business, Rose was contemplating quitting her business rather than see precious lives continue being endangered through exposure to dangerous phone radiation. However, as Rose puts it, she came to realize that quitting will not solve the problem. She had an “aha” moment and decided to use the knowledge in her possession to raise awareness. As part of that campaign, Rose is offering free anti radiation iPhone 6 case to her customers. With every purchase of an iphone 6, Samsung and other phone makes, she is giving away a protection case that will give her customers maximum protection against layers of anti- radiation protection.

With her anti radiation protection campaign Rose is not only aiming at creating awareness against the harmful exposure but also want to sensitize the public to demand creation of safe cell phones. Rose promises to continue offering the anti radiation protective cases to her customers.

The cell phone radiation cases are made to present a unique brand which captivates precision, beauty and class. Shield Me Cases not only want to revolutionize the market through offering robust protection but also doing it with a masterpiece that would resonate with the world

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