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21 August, 2017 – Spotify can be quite restrictive on mobile, but not for Premium users. Becoming one can be a reality for those who are thrifty enough to find Spotify discount. is just the place for those yearning to get Premium Access.

Spotify is arguably the largest and most popular music catalog and streaming service of our time. It is not affiliated with one operating system or another, and neither is it limited to one platform. However, and while users can easily access, listen to and share millions of songs on any device using a free account, there are limitations to this seemingly free music service.

Spotify Premium is Spotify’s monthly subscription plan, which will cost users $10 each month. While some frown upon the monthly fee, seeing as there are seemingly few to none disadvantages to using the free version, others yearn for it.

Here’s what Free users are missing out on:

• Spotify Premium allows users to stream music on demand, which means they can listen to full playlists or albums, and skip any song they don’t feel like listening to – on mobile as well as desktop,

• It allows them to listen to their favorite songs with Extreme quality – this means songs will be streamed in CD quality even on mobile devices, if the user is not concerned with data usage.

• It also allows them to save thousands of songs and albums to listen to when offline, with their streaming quality of choice.

• And it does all of this without placing any ads in between songs or in the app, so that users can truly enjoy their music freely.

No Spotify user has to miss out on these incredible benefits though, because there are plenty of Spotify promos and Spotify discounts to take advantage of, which can make Premium a dream come true. is a website where you can find all the information you need if you yearn to convert your Free account into the highly coveted Premium plan.

Here are the types of Spotify promo you can take advantage of to save some money while enjoying the service’s full potential:

1. Mobile Trial – Premium Trial accounts are offered to new IOS or Android users for a 7 day period. Conditions will depend on country and region.

2. Free Trial – Users will have free access to the Premium service for the first month after signing up and registering their credit card. This offer is only valid for one month.

3. Partner discounts – Spotify partners will often offer free trials and discounts when users buy their products or services.

4. Third-party providers – These are companies and websites that offer long term Spotify promos and discounts for those who can’t pay the full fee each month. You can find a full list of these providers on

There are plenty of ways to enjoy Spotify Premium for lowered prices, but cracked apps and hacked software will only cause trouble, as this type of software is often used to corrupt devices and steal credit card information. is the only place where users can find real ways to enjoy Spotify Premium while saving some good money on the monthly subscription.

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