Shadow Of Death: A Story Of American Glory By Peter Tanner

A Stimulating Historic Fiction Full Of Action, Adventure, Loyalty & Betrayal

August 21, 2017 – Tanner Publishing has proudly announced the release of a new e-book by Peter Tanner titled ‘Shadow of Death’. The book will be released on Monday, 18th of September, 2017 and it is an amazing read about a Special Forces mission to North Korea in the 70’s. Moreover, this historical fiction is a stimulating read with several strong characters from the military, including good guys as well as bad guys. From spying to action, the book gives a realistic insight into the classic American action into the war zone that is now one of the most dangerous places on earth.

“Though this is the second book to be published, it is the first in the series,” said Peter V. Tanner, the Author of this amazing book while talking about it. “The heroes are Major Holly West, Colonel Arnold Fields, and Sergeant Mike Taylor,” he added. According to Peter, these good guys are all marines and are on a mission to protect the interests of the United States overseas.

Just like the good guys, the book also features some of the bad guys or villains. These bad guys are General Jimmy Glover, who is a sexual predator with Holly in his sights. In addition, another bad guy in the story of this book is Rory Sheerer, a CIA agent that has chosen to betray his country by creating evil schemes that are cleverly planned. According to Peter, the story of this book is based on an actual operation that took place in the 70’s and it is as close to the reality as one can get.

The book can be preordered at Smashwords for $5.00 and regular sales at $9.95 after September 18. For more information, please visit:

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