Retail Industry Crushed by “Never Pay Retail” Slogan. is a premium outerwear brand that was launched on Aug 17th 2017 to sell directly to its customers online.  Much like Warby Parker and Everlane, FirstMadenyc saw a huge gap between the wholesale price and the retail price specifically in women’s fashion outerwear.  The company’s “Never Pay Retail” campaign strikes directly at the heart of the weakened traditional brick and mortar retail industry and simultaneously challenges customers to redefine cost and distribution of consumer goods. With free shipping and free exchanges, Firstmadenyc is not doing brick and mortar retailer any favors.

About FirstMadenyc

Professionally raised in the fashion world as a buyer and merchandiser at a high-end New York City retailer, Lisa Mun (founder) and her manufacturing partner took their combined knowledge and expertise to share the cost advantages of by-passing retail all together.

“With consumers embracing ecommerce and social media, we knew that the time was now to educate and show consumers that there is better way, a direct way to purchase fashion.

Retailers have exorbitant rents, hundreds of sales people, high salaried executives and buyers that manage all the moving parts.  This adds 200% to 300% to the wholesale cost of the product. The consumer bears these costs.

Cutting out the middlemen not only reduces cost for our customers but also increases the quality of the product. We also make our clothing in the same factories as other high brand named designers. You can relay on the quality of Firstmadenyc.” – Lisa M. (Founder and CEO)

Purchase directly from us to enjoy this exclusive offer. Make FirstMadenyc your brand.

“Our philosophy is that product should be made for customer first. So we called our company First Made (nyc)”  – Lisa M. (Founder and CEO)

Conventional wisdom reminds us that traditional retail will never completely disappear. However, direct to consumer companies, like FirstMadenyc are growing in numbers every day taking market share form the traditional retailer.


FirstMadenyc is an online company and can be contacted 24 hours. “We are an online company, we love emails”. You can also email your contact number and FirstMadenyc will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Media Contact
Company Name: First Made NYC
Contact Person: Lisa Mun
Phone: +1 917-388-6923
Country: United States