Techie Couple Launches Kickstarter Campaign For SmartMote Universal Remote Project

Yanhua and Han, a techie couple, launches Kickstarter campaign for SmartMote project.

Yanhua and Han, a married couple working in tech industry in San Francisco Bay Area, have launched a fundraiser on Kickstarter for their SmartMote project. It is a universal remote that transforms old appliances to Alexa-enabled smart devices.

“We are delighted to announce that our Kickstarter campaign is now live for our SmartMote project,” says Yanhua about their dream device. “You can start enjoying smart home at an affordable cost of just $30. When combined with the smartphone app, you can control these devices from anywhere, anytime.”

SmartMote is compatible with any appliance that’s controlled by an infrared remote. It can be used to control TV.DVR, lights, air-conditioner, fans, speaker/receiver, and even blinds.

A large number of Smart TV brands do not support Alexa. Even Sony’s top of the line 4K Android TVs will work only with Amazon Echo devices. Enabling Alexa voice control may involve a huge expenditure running into a couple of thousand dollars as users will have to replace older devices. SmartMote comes with in-built Alexa voice control and works with all infrared controlled devices. It can save the huge cost of replacing them.

While there are many universal remotes available on the market, a good number of them do not work with Alexa. The ones that work require some tweaking of technology and are also very expensive. SmartMote comes with a huge price advantage as it has been created to make the universal remote affordable for everyone. The SmartMote team has worked real hard to achieve the $30 price tag without compromising on any of the key features.

SmartMote has been built on the low cost Micro controller platform. This is a huge achievement considering the challenges involved. There was neither any operating system available nor any rich-featured library that they could benefit from. They had to implement the firmware from scratch and also make optimizations wherever possible.

The expertise and unmatched combined experience of over 30 years of the husband-wife team in the software industry came handy as they were able to pack all the features needed into the micro-controller. They were even able to leave some room for future updates.

SmartMote is superior to other types of universal remotes available on the market as it is Alexa voice control enabled universal remote and requires no smartphone. At $30 it is the most affordable universal remote available. You have the option of controlling everything using your Android or iOS devices. It also supports task scheduling and sequencing. One unit has 360 degree coverage for the entire room. The device is highly secure as it makes use of state-of-the-art cryptographic technology for optimum privacy and security. SmartMote is easy to set up and use.  

The Kickstarter campaign is aiming to raise $5000 to fund the whole project. The deadline is 27 August, 2017. There are attractive incentives for contributors depending on their level of contribution.

About SmartMote:

SmartMote is a universal remote designed to transform old appliances to Alexa-enabled smart devices. It has been developed by the husband-wife team of software engineers with a combined experience of 30 plus years in the software industry. At $30, it is the most affordable universal remote available on the market.

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