Jacob Lemanski Launches Kickstarter Campaign For His Dream Project Called Ant Space

Jacob Lemanski starts campaign on Kickstarter to create Ant Space, an Enlightened Ant Farm.

Jacob Lemanski, the man for whom ants have been a subject of immense interest right from his childhood, is now planning to create his own Ant Space, which is an Enlightened Ant Farm. It is an ant farm for adults, has stars and earth, evolves and grows and even lights up a room.

“The Ant Space that I plan to create is a living and evolving piece of art that allows anyone to create a beautiful environment with black soil and colored sand,” says Jacob Lemanski about his Ant Space project. “Over the years, the Ant Space will evolve and create beautiful art that exists only in the present. With some subtle manipulation, you can play with the life inside the space and design a complex balance of creatures and plants using your creativity and ideas.”

Jacob Lemanski aims to launch the Ant Space as an art piece and a product with this Kickstarter campaign. He believes that it is a beautiful, meditative and nuanced hobby and is aiming to build a community around this amazing idea. Those backing the project on Kickstarter can look forward to receiving Ant Space built by Jacob. They can be the resource to reach a wider audience and spread the message further.

‚ÄčThe best thing about Ant Space is its unique and attractive backdrop. Each Ant Space offers a unique selection from the immaculate Hubble Space Telescope image called ‘The Carina Nebula: Star Birth in the Extreme.’ The work covers 50 light years and captures the brightest stars in the sky. It offers one of the most beautiful of astronomical views.

Users can add life to the Ant Space. While plants lead a passive life by blending with the available environment smoothly and seamlessly, ants do the reverse. They mold the world to match their unique needs. Users can watch plants grow with the roots developing below and the leaves flourishing above the soil in Ant Space. The scene in the Ant Space keeps evolving endlessly as tunnels and hills change shape and morph continuously. No one can predict the patterns and designs that the Ant Space takes. The artwork exists only in present as the past is gone and will never be repeated.

When it comes to the color factor, the Ant Space allows users to be in control by using a smartphone or tablet. They can create a mood of colors by intensifying the brightness or adjusting the contrast. The Ant Space thus becomes an instrument for the eyes.

All it needs to take care of the Ant Space is a drop of water and a pinch of sugar as it will be enough to keep the ants nourished for a week. More ants can be easily added to the Ant Space if needed.

The Kickstarter Campaign will attempt to meet the financial goal of $10,000 to make the project successful. The deadline is 7 September, 2017.

About Ant Space:

Ant Space is a unique project by Jacob Lemanski, a passionate ant lover. He aims to launch Ant Space as a piece of evolving art that can become a meditative and nuanced hobby for many. There are many unique things about Ant Space. It has stars and earth and keeps evolving and growing. It also lights up a room. It is an art work that’s living and evolving.

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