Patrick Allocca Starts Kickstarter Campaign To Fund Filming Of Tiffany Quitting Her Boring Retail Job

Patrick Allocca takes the Kickstarter route to fund a unique project about Tiffany quitting her boring retail job in the most unique and memorable way and filming it.

Patrick Allocca has announced a campaign on Kickstarter to fund a project that’s as unique as it can get. He will be creating a video about Tiffany quitting her retail job in the most amazing way possible and will film her quitting act secretly. Input from campaign participants will be the guiding force on how to quit. Patrick has listed quite a few interesting ways of helping Tiffany quit her tedious job and taking up her passion as her profession.

“I want you to choose how I should quit my retail job in the most interesting and amazing way,” says Tiffany while detailing her Kickstarter campaign. “You can submit your idea on how to quit my boss and I will choose the one I think is the best. The voting form will be made available once the campaign is funded successfully and closed.”

The Kickstarter campaign aims to raise $1000 within the deadline date of 26th August, 2017. Participants can choose who Tiffany should act like. There are lots of choices provided in the campaign details to make the job of choosing the right character easy for participants.

The Kickstarter campaign participants can engage without any reward. Others can vote for Tiffany’s costume to be worn on the big day or choose what she should do in front of her customers. The campaign also allows participants with a contribution of $5 or more to submit their idea of how to quit to her boss. There are choices offered on every aspect of how she should quit which contributors of $10 or more can choose from the Voting Bundle.

Those planning to contribute $2000 or more can enjoy a night out with the team behind the video in Los Angeles including Tiffany. Dinner is included but not the flight cost.

According to Patrick Allocca, once all the aspects of how Tiffany should quit is finalized by the participants in the Kickstarter campaign, she would walk into the retail store for her final day at office, dressed in the costume that her supporters voted for. She would act like the famous character chosen by backer votes and also perform a specific action while interacting with the customers. She will choose the submission she likes the most on how she would quit when the boss walks in later in the day. A video recording the events of the last day in office and her quitting act will be shared with all contributors.

Patrick makes it clear that no dangerous or illegal act will be performed.

About the Kickstarter Campaign:

The ‘Tell Me How To Quit My Job and I’ll Film It’ Kickstarter campaign by Patrick Allocca is about Tiffany, the retail shop girl who wants to quit her mundane job in the most interesting and unusual way. The project is about making a video of the unique quitting process which involves several aspects. The way Tiffany quits will be decided by the number of votes she gets for specific acts from contributors.

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