An Invention Eliminates Bed Bug Bites even the Insects Migrate among Apartments

A bed bug lays up to 300 eggs. Legal chemicals do nothing to those behind a wall. It is foolish trying to kill more bed bugs than new eggs. A patent from Bed Sized Bed Bug Trap LLC eliminates the bites at night no matter how many bed bugs are at home or migrate from other apartments.

Two facts confirm how easy to solve bed bug problem. Bed bugs can’t contact a CO2 lure at center of a bed bug trap. The invention enlarges the trap from dish size to bed size and replaces the CO2 lure by a sleeper who exhales CO2. Approximately 99% bed bug blood feeding is at night, which is eliminated when a sleeper is at the center of bed sized bed bug trap. It is also easy to eliminate the remaining 1% daytime feeding because exterminators don’t carry bed bugs home.

The invention applies starving strategy. It is not necessary to prove that bed bugs starve in a few of weeks after they search food in futile without dormant. Even bed bugs could live for many years; it solves the problem immediately because the insects are harmless if they can’t bite. A good starving method with negligible daily effort confirms success immediately because bed bug population is at the highest level on day one. As comparison, people usually confirm success after month of hard work until all of the bugs have been killed.

Dish sized trap fails if it catches few bed bugs than new eggs. Bed sized trap succeeds even it does not catch any bug due to no bite. Eliminating bed bug bites solves the problem immediately no matter how many bed bugs are at home now. With traditional methods, anyone who expects to kill bed bugs behind wall, under floor, or inside electronics by future treatments after the insects have left the hiding places may continually suffer bed bug bites.

Experts recommend a combination of chemical, steam, vacuum, mattress encasement, diatomaceous earth, CO2 trap, and washing everything to kill more bed bugs than new eggs. This combination suffers endless cycles of killing bed bugs at daytime, feeding them at night, and letting a survived one lay up to 300 eggs. The invention does not need any of these obsolete methods and terminates the killing, feeding, and laying egg cycles immediately as sure as bed bugs can’t bite a person who sleeps in a bathtub because the bed sized trap functions better than a bathtub to block bed bug attacking routes. A person who understands why bed bugs can’t crawl into a bathtub should also understand why bed bugs can’t crawl to a sleeper who is at the trap center. It is difficult for people to search bed bugs without missing a single one. It is easy for every bed bug to detect CO2 from sleepers and die on the way for food without survivor.

Using mattress encasement instead of bed sized bed bug trap is as nonsense as camping outside a tent which has been used as a bush encasement to seal mosquitoes inside a bush. A mattress or a bush does not need any protection if bed bugs or mosquitoes can’t bite. Only sleepers need protection from bed bugs by bed sized bed bug trap and from mosquitoes by tent, respectively.

Use of vacuum and steam instead of the invention to kill bed bugs is as nonsense as use of vacuum and steam instead of poison bait to kill ants. Poison bait makes ant control easy. The bed sized trap for bed bugs is far more efficient than poison bait for ants because the invention starves the insects while the poison bait does not.

Some people believe that bed bugs can fall from ceiling to bed. The inventor solved bed bug problem immediately and did not find any bug falling from ceiling. For those who do believe this possibility, the inventor’s website describes an easy effort to completely eliminate the falling possibility no matter how smart bed bugs are.

A few of bed bug control firms have received heavy penalty from government for using kill-by-residual chemicals which reduce people’s life. If any traditional method is efficient, people would not have spent thousands of dollars to heat entire apartment to more than 120F. Such a heating may still fail if infested electronics can’t be heated.

The invention is far more efficient than any well-known services or products because no one is able to list a feasible bed bug attacking route when a sleeper is at top of the bed sized trap. Americans spend $500 million annually on bed bugs. Investors or partners are wanted with a mission to make this pest control revenue drop to zero after bed bugs are extinct when everyone knows how to easily get rid of bed bugs without any methods of chemical, steam, vacuum, mattress encasement, dished sized CO2 trap, and diatomaceous earth.

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