Easy Event Etiquette Tips for use in any Occasion Courtesy of CallBack Corporate Entertainment

As a fast moving society, many eat on the run and from the drive-through. What fork should be used when we are used to handing our food with our hands?

As formal gatherings for the holiday season approach, CallBack has a few easy dining tips that are not only easy to remember, but will impress the event’s host:

Remember BMW. It stands for Bread, Meal and Water. The bread plate is on the r left, the main course plate in the centre and the water glass is on the right.
Remove the napkin placed inside the wine or water glass.
Place the napkin on your lap.
To signal that the meal is done, rest the fork and knife, with the handles resting at five o’clock an tips pointing to ten o’clock on the plate.
Put cell phones on silent, and take calls outside the party.
Relax and enjoy!

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