AS BEAUT Orange Music Festival II: Hip Hop champion match of CHINA & USA

Last year, the AS BEAUT Orange Music Festival started in Chongqing.It’s so successful and the hot scene attracted the imagination of the audience from Chongqing. This year, in order to bring a hotter audio-visual feast for Chongqing audience, the ultimate champion march of the AS BEAUT Orange Music Festival Ⅱ has started officially. The festival has invited the hip-hop teacher Zhang Zhenyue, most popular student GuiBian, HuiZi, they will be in Chongqing on 22th September, and bring a hip-hop carnival for you.


Star hip-hop teacher Zhang Zhenyue
Popular students Gui bian, Hui Zi
Unit and support AS BEAUT orange festival Ⅱ


“Want to buy wine to relieve the sadness, but lazy don’t want to go out”, this is from Zhang Zhenyue’s music. In the 1980s, when the Chinese hip-hop music marketing was not booming, Zhang Zhenyue led his hip-hop team, created a milestone in the Chinese hip-hop music. This time, he worked as the summoner to lead the GuiBian, HuiZi, join in the Orange Music FestivalⅡ, for the battle with Hip – top most powerful Rapper.

Gui bian, a “five social insurance and one housing fund” Rapper. He always combed the neat hair, wear the round glasses, teaching at ShaPingBa forest experimental primary school in the daily time; On stage, he has a deep voice, an exaggerate stage style, have his own style. We look forward to having the different Hip-hop that Gui bian who has the high popularity, will bring to us in his hometown.


HuiZi, a genuine Beijing boy, began the battle in 2011, he can use his freestyle easily, and beat, rhythm, the grasp of them are accurate. He and Xiao Qing Long cooperated the “TIME”, gentle the audience, amazed the world!

In the second quarter of the AS BEAUT Orange Music Festival, not only has Zhang Zhenyue, GuiBian, HuiZi, but also has the American hip-hop team join it. In the summer ,China’s most powerful Rapper, American hip-hop, and ChongQing native hip-hop will have the ultimate champion march, is it a different or even a close match? We’ll see!
American hip-hop team accepted the challenge.

Let’s see who is the winner?

Hip-hop was born in the United States 44 years ago,is the mainstream music in the United States now. In order to march in the beautiful orange music festival in the second quarter, American hip-hop team is reassemble in New York, they agree that hip-hop music in China showed the tendency of blowout. More underground Rappers are excavated, the power cannot be underestimated.

The American hip-hop team expect to learn the secrets of China’s hip-hop booming at this orange music festival, At the same time, we are also looking forward to having a beautiful contest with the local Rapper. Use music as a medium, to conveys beauty and confidence. There are 10 medical and beauty techniques, 8 of them are from the United States, just for you.

America, is not only the birthplace of hip-hop, is also the forefront country of national plastic surgery technology, according to the international society of aesthetic plastic surgery report, released in 2011, the plastic industry in the United States is in a leading position in the world, no one can compare, the American surgeon accounted for 21.1% in the world, plastic surgery operation accounted for total 17.2% in the world.

American plastic surgery emphasizes that “appearance management is a required course” and has the high physical appearance. can be confident in social situations, which is the same as spirit that hip-hop conveys. This summer, the beautiful orange music festival will collide with the American-style plastic surgery, use music as the medium, conveying beauty and confidence.

ChongQing beautiful plastic surgery hospital, 10 medical technologies, 8 from the United States. It has the strategic cooperation with the United States Sanofi company, Allergan company, Johnson & johnson company, Emitter peak company, medical laser equipment company, formed a “American medical beauty brand alliance”. After 14 years of honing, brought the American progressive plastic medical technology to the mountain city for the benefit of the people who love beauty in Chongqing.

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