New Indiegogo Campaign Promises to Be More than Just Another Instagram

Don’t Just Bring It, Ping It—is the new tagline for the photo sharing app “Pingster”. The GPS based photo sharing app is now on Indiegogo to gain the remaining funds required to launch the ambitious application globally.

Sharon, Massachusetts – Photo sharing apps are one of the most popular types of applications for Android and iPhone users. From the social media powerhouse Instagram to Flickr, millions of people are uploading and exchanging photos. Close to 2 billion photos are uploaded to social media and photo sharing sites daily. Pictures are a way of communicating likes and dislikes, emotions, and memories, which is exactly why photo apps are booming right now. Pingster is a new style of photo sharing that shares photos by location rather than by the individual.  According to the designer Nancy Shone, this enables people to share their photos with the world without it turning into a “popularity contest.”

“Right now you have to either know a hundred thousand people or be a part of a hashtag to have your photos seen by others,” says Shone, a video producer and long-time engineer.  “What separates Pingster from other social media apps is that it allows users to share photos and memories with people that they don’t know, may never know, or even people they want to know.”

Pingster uses a smartphone’s GPS to tag photos and tie them to a location.  For example, someone who is hiking by the river might take a picture of a crane they saw from that spot and upload it to Pingster (with or without a description). The next Pingster user who walks by that spot would be alerted that there are photos connected to that location. He or she then can choose to view those photos, hit a “like” of it, or even share one of their own. It creates a history of a location and provides a connection between people who may or may not know each other.

“My friend who heard about the app suggested so many different scenarios for the app that I hadn’t even thought of,” says Shone. “I was thinking along the line of tourists who like to travel, but it’s not limited to cities. Birdwatchers can upload photos. Couples who are in love can document an engagement or even propose using Pingster. Snap a picture of yourself holding a ‘Will You Marry Me’ sign on your girlfriend or boyfriend’s path to work or near their favorite coffee shop and they’ll receive a ping that lets them look at the photo.”

Shone maintains that one of the main reasons she wanted to create an app like Pingster was to avoid the bullying and popularity contests that seem to be embedded in the fiber of other social media sites like Facebook or Instagram.  Pingster, according to Shone, is a way of getting back to basics; sharing photos and creating memories.  The app will rotate photos based on the age of the photo taken, but for those early adopters who support the Indiegogo they will have permanent top spots for select GPS locations as a way of rewarding loyalty. If the app takes off, as many industry professionals believe it will, those early adopters will have long-term advertising for their brand.

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